Italian department store chain Coin and Oxfam Italia, the Italian division of the not-for-profit international association that defends women's rights and supports the bettering of their poverty conditions in 98 countries worldwide, have launched the new initiative "Women's Circle for Change".

The Women’s Circle for Change was presented on 28 May 2013 at the presence of Oxfam ambassadress and protagonist of Sex and the City, Kristin Davis, president of Oxfam Italia, Maurizia Iachino and general manager of Coin, Simone Dominici.

The collaboration will continue throughout 2014 and will involve all 60 Coin Italian department stores. The initiative will be promoted through a communication program, a fund raising scheme and also through an online contest whereby women will submit pictures or texts concerning when women make a positive difference in all areas of life, such as in society or in politics. The best pictures and texts will win a prize of a four trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina, with an Oxfam testimonial, in order to observe first hand the things Oxfam have achieved in the area.

From September a special edition collection of t-shirts and accessories designed by Helena Christensen will be launched in order to support the initiative. Additional collaborations with international female designers will follow.

Other Oxfam ambassadors include Colin and Livia Firth, Scarlett Johansson, Annie Lennox and Coldplay.