This year is a year of celebration for the dfv Media Group: While the company celebrated its 70th birthday in September, it foresees the 75th birthday of its supervisory board member Peter Ruß on October, 31. Peter Ruß who is responsible for the fundamental financial and business-related issues of the media house started his career with a technical apprenticeship and training as a publisher. Later, he completed his studies in business administration. In the summer of 1970, he became the head of the revision of the German publishing house. In 1981, he was appointed to the management board, which he chaired in 2003. For more than 25 years, he has led management, finance, controlling, IT and human resources at dfv with great success.

The Frankfurt publishing house has grown organically during this time, but also through a number of important acquisitions. In close co-operation with the then spokesman of the management, Klaus Kottmeier, Peter Ruß has accompanied all investments with great expertise and has integrated many new publishing houses into the business sector. The acquisitions of HORIZONT in 1986 and the dfv Matthaes Verlag in Stuttgart in 2004 proved to be important extensions of the dfv portfolio in the long term. In 2007, the dfv media group took part in the Wiesbaden real estate newspaper, in 2008 the dfv Conference Group was founded as an investment company. In 2013, the Hamburg-based FVW Medien was bought and acquired a majority stake in the Maleki Communications Group, a provider of prestigious financial industry congresses. Many of the participations are today the full-fledged dfv media group.

Looking ahead, Peter Ruß also proved to be in the IT sector. In the early 1970s, for example, the early introduction of the computer-assisted management of business processes by means of a then new SAP system, which was developed together with the company founders from Walldorf, was one of his great merits.

Through his clever financial policy, Peter Ruß contributed his part to the independence of the dfv media group, which is so important for publisher freedom. It is also thanks to its prudent management that all company purchases as well as the construction of the new building complex in Frankfurt's Mainzer Landstraße could be financed from own resources.

In 2007, the financial expert joined the dfv supervisory board. In this function, he also today, in close co-operation with his long-standing management colleague and today's chairman of the dfv supervisory board, Klaus Kottmeier, is setting the course for the entrepreneurial success of the publishing house. Other members of the dfv supervisory board are the principal shareholder Andreas Lorch and Catrin Lorch as co-shareholder. A solid financing of the company is an important concern for this company: the dfv equity ratio currently stands at 57 percent.

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