Within the press conference presenting the upcoming edition of Milan Women’s Fashion Week to be held from 24 to 29 February 2016, Carlo Capasa, president of Italian Fashion Chamber, commented on the recent changes announced by Burberry and in terms of timing and unifying men’s and women’s shows (to read our comment on this matter click here).

“We want to preserve creativity,” commented Capasa, also co-owner and CEO of the Costume National brand. “When preparing a fashion show only for presenting products that are meant to be sold one cannot create the highly inspiring, most dreamful and aspirational pieces that identify that specific brand. This way when making research for new materials and ideas the whole process will also become more flat and down to earth. The entire textile and value chain is going to lose all this and consequently be damaged. Do we want all this?”

Also referring to the fear that designer brands are being copied by the fast fashion industry through fashion shows, he thinks that even if products of fashion shows are ready to be sold, fast fashion companies can produce their products in four weeks after designers have shown their collections to consumers. This way the risk still remains.  Referring to upcoming designers, Capasa said: “When a young designer wants to show all his creativity a fashion show is the best way for showing how much he can do, but without catwalks all this cannot be sensed so well.”

And, as last aspect he considers that fashion shows already present men and women’s looks together as well as a few pieces ready for buying. Therefore Burberry’s changes are already part of the fashion show system. “Thinking of keeping strong collaborations within events like Pitti Uomo, Milan Fashion Shows and textile shows we can protect what we do best. We can protect a system and the consumer only if we keep our focus on creativity rather than on marketing.”