Care Label, Italian denim brand born from an idea by shareholders Leopoldo Durante, Enrico Gallo and Lapo Elkann in 2007, has opened its first monobrand store in Milan’s city centre Corso Venezia 45, occupying the same location that also hosts the new headquarters of Italia Independent Group.

“The first Care Label flagship store was born from the idea to create a physical space that represents the brand,” explained Leopoldo Durante, designer and founder of the brand. “We wanted to create a home for our products and at the same time a scenario that can exalt and communicate our taste and philosophy: the idea that every object we own can become even more unique and special thanks to its time passing patina, as our jeans can become after long time wearing.”

The store was designed by the architectural studio Changedesign and its founder Renato Montagner. Its image reminds of the Care Label products such as, for instance, its natural leather details, copper elements, rivets and buttons made of the same material completing jeans, and selvedge-like graphics reproduced on the floor’s ceramic tiles.

Denim fabric rolls are hanging in the store, showing customers they can get tailor-made jeans upon request that can be characterized by exclusive details carefully handcrafted by specialized tailors.

Within the inauguration of the store, Care Label has also presented the debuting Care Label Women’s collection for f/w 2015, designed by Augusta Romano, expert denim insider for over 25 years. Also debuting on this occasion were a few laced classic shoes, perfect complements to be worn with turned-up jeans.

Available at the same store is a capsule collection made for Italia Independent.

Impression of the store inside
Impression of the store inside

Care Label is now sold at 250 multibrand stores in Italy and 250 in Europe with the aim to reach about 350 stores in Italy and 400 in Europe by f/w 2015/2016. At present, they sell 40% in Italy and 60% in Europe, while also expanding to Japan, Scandinavia and China. They presently sell 80% to men and 20% to women and hope to soon reach a 50-50% ratio. The brand closed 2014 registering €5 million sales expected to double and reach €10 million by end of 2018.