Maria Cristina Pavarini

Candiani Denim wants to emphasize the quality of its products by offering its clients a label that they can stitch on their denim garments.

“Since a few years we have felt the need to emphasize the origin of our denim as ingredient product without necessarily being involved in co-branding initiatives,” commented Alberto Candiani, owner of Candiani Denim.

“We thought that by adding a certifying label inside garments that employ our denim we can provide an additional quality certification to our customers and to the final consumer. It is a quality guarantee in a market filled with products and mediocrity.”

Candiani started producing the first examples of this label about three years ago creating small woven labels to be added inside the garment. The two label variants carry the company’s name, its year of foundation (1938) and a few words explaining that Candiani denims are entirely produced in Italy, in the Milan area. They have provided their quality label to about 25 jeans brands until now.

“Those who produce good quality fabrics should be granted the possibility to explain in which conditions and according to which standards these fabrics are produced,” continues Candiani. “We want to give new dignity to a most misused word – premium – and this label is a means. Our clients are committed with us and they have the right to explain their customer they are buying a true quality product. We want to give customers a compass and help them recognize true quality.”