...until THE SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT – THE FUTURE OF FASHION will take place on July 3, 2012 at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin at 10:00 am. Take part and discuss the future challenges for the denim and fashion sector and how to deal with these successfully.

Audience interaction, Q&A sessions and informal breaks/networking sessions will allow attendees to personally interact and to share ideas and insights with a live audience.

Participants of The Sportswear International Summit - The Future of Fashion include:

Oliver Bogatu - Private Sale / Brands4Friends, Detlef Braun - Messe Frankfurt, Saskia Bruder - Vizona, Emin Cezairli – Mavi, Stefan Crämer - Crämer & Co, Kristin Deutelmoser - Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Fuchs - Messe München, Deidre Hackman - DSHG2, Sebastian Klinder - MUNICH FABRICSTART, Marco Lanowy - Alberto, Romina     Lemmert - Tomorrow Focus Media, Marc Lohausen - frontlineshop.com, Serdar Mazmanoglu - Mavi, Karl-Heinz Müller - BREAD & BUTTER, Jürgen Müller - Hartmann Consulting, Barbara Portaluri - Evolute Consulting, Stefan Puriss - frontlineshop.com, Christof Schönenberger - Schönenberger Modehaus, Jan Schoper - Levi´s, Tobias Schröder - Khujo, Andrea Schütz - Tutto Fashion and Accessorires, Cathrina Schütz - Tutto Fashion and Accessorires, Dietmar Senft - Crämer & Co, Stefan Sommer - Bravado, Torsten Widarzik - Levi´s, Donna Zazulak - Zazulak Marketing

The major theme will be THE FUTURE OF FASHION and topics such as:
... consumer shopping
will online shopping be the death of brick-and-mortar establishments or will it revitalize them?
... multibrand retail
how much multibrand retailers evolve their assortments, service and store design to ensure success?
... fashion trends
what will be the most influential looks, styles, colors and inspirations to hit fashion in the months and years ahead?
... prices
3 or 300 euro - what is a pair of jeans actually worth and how much of that is understood by the customer?
... partnerships
how will retail and industry continue to find synergies and who will be the key players in these deals?
... green fashion
the green, eco and ethical movements seem to have lost some steam. Do morality and money still go together?

Have a look at all well-known speakers and panellist who will reach the Sportswear International community's nerve of discussions.

Find further information and how to sign up for this summit on the summit site.
For any questions please contact us on events@sportswearnet.com