Serving always more specific markets is what Italian online group Banzai is focusing on. They recently launched their e-commerce platform Vico42 aimed at male consumers. “Our website caters stylish, passionate and contemporary men like a true friend would do,” commented Bruno Decker, CEO, BNK4-Saldi Privati, the group’s division behind “Apparel and accessories are part of our offer, but there is more. We can also provide made-to-measure services, suggestions for outfits, experts’ opinions on detail and product mixes, and suggestions for presents. Always carefully selected and at not-to-be-missed prices.” Interview by Maria Cristina Pavarini

Vico42 on Instagram
Vico42 on Instagram
How did the website originate?
Vico42 was born in April 2015 with the aim to launch the first Italian website catering contemporary men. Our aim is meeting this increasingly important target’s most different expectations, interests, curiosities and needs. We offer our adult men consumer a new, complete and made-to-measure shopping experience as well as advice from fashion and design experts.

Our website’s name originates from the Milanese address of Banzai group’s - via Vico 42 – as is our intention to underline our own group’s mission to serve a target with such a business growth potential. Banzai Group is a leading Italian e-commerce operator and publisher that operates websites such as Eprice, Saldi Privati, Giallo Zafferano, Pianeta Donna, Studenti, ilPost and Liquida in various sectors including consumer goods, e-commerce, technology, students homework support, food and kitchen.

We serve more than 18 million Italians every month and sell millions of products every year through our Eprice and Saldi Privati e-shops, offering customers the convenience of shopping online and via smart phone, and let them choose between many different delivery and payment options.

How is it structured and how is it working?
It hosts three main different sections. One is called “Vendite a Evento” and hosts limited sale events offering a number of selected men’s lifestyle brand pieces at a very good price-quality ratio. Another section is called “Essenziali” (essentials) that presents a man’s wardrobe must-haves. It is always open and offers up-to-date and versatile items perfect for contemporary and dynamic urban pieces.

The third and most peculiar section is “Vizi& Passioni” (vices and passions), which offers products from different categories such as, for instance, male aesthetics, art and design objects, kitchen instruments, vintage spirits and cool toys. We like to treat our customers by selecting pleasant objects either for them or to be donated as gifts – be them a vintage rum, a high-tech object or an electronic device – in order to make them feel as if they were kids again.

All goods offered within this section are available in a limited edition and can be shipped in a maximum of 48 hours.

Vico42 on Instagram
Vico42 on Instagram
To whom is it addressed?
Our target are young adults and adult men – either style-addicted or simply caring for themselves and what they wear. We want to comfort them by offering them an impeccable shopping experience. We guarantee free delivery from any €99 purchase, free return of the goods and a 30 days frame in case they don’t want to keep what they bought. We guarantee fast shipment in 48 hours for many event sales and for products sold in our Essenziali and Vizi& Passioni sections. In addition they can choose the type of delivery they like best – at home, directly at their floor for the bulkiest purchases or at one of the 70 Pick&Pay points in more than 60 towns as well as through various Locker In Post pick-up points throughout the country.

What services are you offering right now through it?
We are not simply selling products but also many made-to-measure services, outfit suggestions, expert advice on product details, suggestions for finding gift ideas as well as detailed descriptions and information about each product’s origins and history. Our buyers select together with brands the best products in order to offer a selection of products that is rich, sophisticated, always out-of-the-ordinary, sold at not-to-be-missed prices.

 Vico42 online shop
Vico42 online shop

What new services or columns are you planning to add in the near or long-term run?
In June 2015 we launched our own Mr. Ego private label, offering a wide selection of apparel, footwear and accessories. We started selling Mr.Ego from s/s 2015. This brand offers products that well reflect the Vico42 philosophy that is focused on high-quality fabrics and materials. They add up to our offer of well-known high-quality brands sold within our Essenziali section as a selection of unique, exclusive and timeless pieces such as, for instance, shirts, sweaters and chinos. As part of this brand we also sell cotton-cashmere scarves and precious leather belts.

For the launch of Mr.Ego we also launched a limited edition footwear selection by Doucal’s, luxury footwear specialized manufacturer from the Marche region. It was our first collaboration that we also want to replicate in the future with other prestigious made in Italy brands.

Are fashion, streetwear or sportswear playing any important role in your website?
Our complete total look also includes sportswear and leisurewear products such as down jackets, outer jackets, jeans, casual pants and sneakers – all playing a key role in every modern men’s wardrobe.

 Vico42 online shop
Vico42 online shop

How do you stay in touch with your members? How important is the social network aspect for this website?
We mostly communicate with them through our newsletters. They can decide how often they want to receive our information when applying on our website – daily, weekly or according to special products or new initiative launches only.

What section, service or part of the website you personally like most?
What I like best is our Vizi& Passioni section. It is like a special candy for our visitors and it is what differentiates us from other similar websites.

About Banzai Group:
Banzai Group is a public company active on the Milan Stock Market Exchange since February 2015. It has reached total sales of €185 million in 2014 registering a +21% growth compared with the €153 million of 2013. Their EBITDA was €3.8 million in 2014, compared to €2.5 million in 2013. Born in 2007 they now employ more than 400 people.