And yet another company hops on the pre-loved fashion market bandwagon: US denim brand Levi’s has just launched SecondHand, an online platform for vintage denim items by Levi’s.

At consumers can shop worn pieces and can also get credit for their old jeans and jackets. Worn items can be dropped off at participating Levi’s stores and be turned in for a gift card. Levi’s then cleans, sorts and lists the old clothes for sale on 


The trade-in works like this:

People can drop off their Levi’s jeans and denim jackets at Levi’s retail stores in the U.S.. In exchange, they’ll get a gift card for the value of their trade-in which they can use towards new merchandise at, Levi’s retail stores or Levi’s outlet stores in the U.S. only.

Only Levi’s jeans and Trucker Jackets in good condition are accepted. Trade-in credits range from $5 to $35 based on the item’s age, condition and original retail price.

Some examples:
- Premium Levi’s collections (Levi’s Made & Crafted and Levi’s Vintage Clothing) from any time period: $30 for jeans and $35 for Trucker Jackets

- Vintage clothing (items that were made more than 20 years ago): $30 for jeans and $35 for Trucker Jackets

- Early 2000s: $20 for jeans and $25 for Trucker Jackets

- Current (items made in the past ten years): $5-$15 for jeans and $5-$20 for Trucker jackets depending on original value and condition

For those items that are unwearable (for example with large rips and holes, stains, missing buttons for closure, or nonfunctioning zippers), the client still receives a $5 gift card, and Levi’s donates or disposes the item.

For now, trade-ins by mail are not accepted, though this may change in the future, Levi’s states.

Used Levi's items can now be purchased on the SecondHand platform
Photo: Levi's
Used Levi's items can now be purchased on the SecondHand platform
The offer on

The product assortment includes secondhand men's and women's jeans and denim jackets. Items include consumer trade-ins, vintage items from collectors and dealers, worn returns, and a limited number of samples.

Clothes are sorted into three categories:

- Mint
No signs of wear. Garment looks and feels like it's brand new.

- Lightly worn
Minor wear that hints at a past life.

- Worn & torn
Denim that's patched, frayed, stained or shredded and may include signs of restoration.

Factors like a garment's age, popularity, size and color help determine pricing on Levi's SecondHand. Sales and promotional pricing on the Levi's site doesn't carry over to the unique items in the Levi's SecondHand program.

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