Promoting Made in Italy denim products and supporting a social commitment cause are the guidelines behind B2, a newborn project involving four top-notch insiders.


The new B2 collection was recently disclosed in Hamburg and involves Stefano Angelico and his Braves & Co.’s Atelier No. 12 design studio, which also hosted the recent launch party. Braves & Co. took care of creating the collection and used Berto’s denim fabrics–from here the B2 name of the collection. Elleti Group, a European garment manufacturer, produced the items, and Vagabunt Hamburg, a German nonprofit organization that helps young people overcoming social difficulties, presented a few pieces of its own made with fabrics donated by Berto.

Guests at B2 launch party
Photo: Braves&Company
Guests at B2 launch party

The B2 capsule includes four chino pants, four different jackets, a few shirts, vests and many accessories such as espadrilles and small leather goods. It offers two different collections–Dry Sartorial Goods, a limited edition garment selection and Made To Select offering handcrafted items. Within this occasion, Braves & Co. also launched its first line of women’s styles including a few trousers, shirts, jackets and bio-cotton denim pieces dyed with natural indigo.

Stefano Angelico, founder, Braves & Co., commented: “Braves & Co. stands for high-quality products through transparency, sustainability and social responsibility. We support the traditional way of making garments, according to slow rhythms, accurate and high-level quality standards. We always select partners who share our same vision–especially in days dominated by fast fashion and fast consumerism–and we like to revive the old days, when a garment’s sound quality mattered.”


He continued: “In this era consumers start thinking more before they buy. Collaborations are the future but actually are a comeback, like when in the past people had their clothes made by a tailor, knew where the fabric came from and who stitched them. Fast and massive productions turned garments into just selling targets without vision, passion and transparency. Through this collaboration, we expect our customer to recognize the ethics and knowledge behind our product.”


Francesca Polato, marketing manager, Berto, added: “The goal of this project is to underline what characterizes high-quality Made in Italy products, woven and crafted with a very unique ‘family-run’ know-how and savoir faire. Braves & Co. and Berto share experience handed down through generations, responsibility and consistency towards people, the environment and the purchase.”


“Our goal was to show brands, designers and–most of all–the final consumer that beautiful Made in Italy products still exist,” added Luigi Lovato, CEO and founder, Elleti Group. “As details make a difference, we wanted to create an authentic and honest product working side by side with insiders who share our same values. Moreover our tie with Stefano Angelico offered us a perfect window for promoting true Italian style in Germany.”

Also important was the involvement with Vagabunt Hamburg, the nonprofit organization. Angelico often keeps lessons about jeans and garment making for the young people this group assists. Suzanne Darouiche, creative director, Vagabunt Hamburg, said: “Our association wants to give these young the chance to turn their experience into a creative potential to produce a fashion label. Braves & Co. has been a supporter of ours since the start offering us business contacts and know-how.”

Discover the newborn Braves & Company denim studio and clothing lines

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Discover the newborn Braves & Company denim studio and clothing lines

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