Pony, the renowned US brand founded in 1972 that is an acronym for Product of New York and among the first sneaker labels that claims to have also been worn on the street and not simply on the athletic field, has opened its first flagship store in Milan, on the central street Via Ponte Vetero 15.

Andrea Conidi, owner, Baco Distribution, the company that distributes Pony in Italy, Benelux and Russia, explains the brand’s expansion projects for Europe.


Andrea Conidi, owner, Baco Distribution
Photo: Pony
Andrea Conidi, owner, Baco Distribution


Why did Pony open its first European store in Milan?

Today Milan is one of the most important cities of Europe. We started from here as we wanted to gain visibility through a flagship where we could enhance and present all of our products and history. This space is a pilot store we will use to understand how we can make the brand grow best. Moreover, as Pony started its European journey from Italy it was the right move debuting here.

What are your next plans for growing Europewide? 

Right now we want to get the most out of this store. From 2020 on we will be looking for other strategic cities where we might expand. Though it is too early for speaking about a very detailed opening plan. Pony is a heritage brand but this project is new. Therefore, we need time to discover its great potential.


Andrea Conidi: "This space is a pilot store we will use to understand how we can make the brand grow best."
Photo: Pony
Andrea Conidi: "This space is a pilot store we will use to understand how we can make the brand grow best."

How many doors do you aim to reach in EU?

The goal for the next three years would be to open five monobrand stores and work with about 400 multibrand stores connected with an online store. We want to focus on small-size stores that can convey the brand’s image well, though we also want to offer exclusive capsules that can sell online successfully.


What kind of stores does Pony want to sell to?

We aim to sell to premium stores where one can find both clothing and premium shoe brands. Despite their affordable prices, Pony shoes are high-quality keeping up today’s newest trends. For this reason we want to offer them to street-culture-oriented stores and high fashion retailers.

What kind of consumer does Pony want to reach? 

Anyone who likes sneakers with a great story. Pony has no target age. It is aimed at young people who like street life and conscious consumers who like original products.

How will Pony recall consumers’ attention?

We are working though our @ponyeurope social channels and will definitely organize events to reach cool and interesting people looking for different sneakers.

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