Brama, an Italian group that distributes international fashion brands including Equipment, Current/Elliott, Frame, Mother and Boyish, has recently added the US jeans brand Re/Done to its portfolio, and will start distributing it in Europe, Russia and the Middle East from spring 2021.


Re/Done was founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur in 2014 and was born, raised and distributed mostly via e-commerce. It has focused on a sustainable approach and on a modern interpretation of vintage classics for its whole offer.


Renzo Braglia, CEO of Brama, explained more about this brand and his targets for this new entry.


What are the key characteristics of this brand?
Re/Done aims to a set a movement in fashion and luxury as it strives to bring back individuality in the fashion luxury market by keeping alive historically relevant brands and creating sustainable fashion.

It offers two distinct product selections. A part of it is focused on offering “upcycled” sustainable items born from a co-branding agreement with Levi's–and exclusively with it–that aims to continue giving vintage jeans pieces a second life. For this part of the collection vintage denim items are unstitched and reused as fabric for new jeans by deconstructing the old items and re-creating new pieces out of them. They cost between €370 and €400 at retail. Another part of the brand's selection is made with new fabrics and is sold between €270 and €330 at retail.

Photo: Re/Done
Can you tell us more about the 100% new jeans pieces?Combining vintage inspiration with modern fits is part of the brand's DNA. Though, in order to achieve its goal for its new products Re/Done offers some new fits like a modern skinny jean with a medium-high rise but also more relaxed fits, and a new high-rise style that reaches the belly button.

Other key aspects of the brand are environmental-friendliness and exclusivity. Re/Done is produced in the center of Los Angeles and uses treatments that preserve water and don't use aggressive chemicals. Moreover, quantities of products available are always limited as each pair is hand-selected and hand-cut.

Why did you choose to distribute Re/Done in Europe, Russia and the Middle East?
They are the main markets where Brama operates and where it has consolidated its presence. We know these markets well and this brand can meet these markets' clientele requests as we already offer our other collections there. Moreover, this brand is perfectly in line with our portfolio and we want to launch a strong message to the market showing our optimism about the future. 


Where has been this brand sold until now? Only via e-commerce or also through brick-and-mortar stores?
It was sold also through physical stores in the above-mentioned countries through about 150 doors. Until now the company's US headquarters managed it directly.


What are your aims in distributing this brand?
We aim to sell it to about 400 doors and reach over €10 million in sales.


Are you considering opening monobrand stores?
No, it's not part of our plan.


How do you see the present moment?
The present situation is difficult but for those of us who are specialized leaders in our sector things are better for us than for others.


How are stores reacting?
Boutiques are facing the situation very well. Bigger spaces and department stores have more difficulties as anti-Covid rules are stricter and make their situation more complicated to be managed.


What about consumers? Are they willing to buy despite the fact that many are facing financial difficulties?
I feel there is a strong desire to purchase as consumers feel they are moved by a strong revenge shopping impulse.