Highly imaginative and sensitive in supporting the cause of sustainable fashion, Ukrainian designer brand Kseniaschnaider has just launched a new collaboration with Hemp Textile Production Devohome.

The collaboration is based on the brand’s bestselling winter denim jacket and vest with hemp fur created by Devohome several years ago, which is completely biodegradable, 100% cruelty free and, according to Devohome, perfect for cold weather down to -20 °C.

"I just like the idea that you can make clothing from the plant, including a fur alternative that is also very warm. I have been reading a lot of Internet stories about hemp as a supermaterial, which farming was reduced because of anti-hemp and pro-cotton lobbying. We’d really like to bring it back to everyone," says Anton Schnaider, co-founder/designer of Kseniaschnaider.

Hemp fur by Devohome for Kseniaschnaider jacket
Photo: Kseniaschnaider
Hemp fur by Devohome for Kseniaschnaider jacket
“Together with Devohome we are committed to prove that industrial hemp is a great sustainable alternative material for the fashion industry and stigma surrounding it should be removed,” Ksenia Schnaider, the other half of design duo Kseniaschnaider, adds.

Hemp is indeed considered an alternative to cotton as it requires less water, is a sturdy fiber, resistant to insects and requires neither pesticides nor herbicides. “We created this fur alternative of hemp fibers several years ago and only this year we succeeded in making it completely biodegradable,” says Devohome’s founder, Oksana Devo.

The hemp fur items are available online exclusively at kseniaschnaider.com, the vest retails for approximately €220, the jacket costs €350.