Men's fashion brand Ben Sherman is expanding its product group to include brand properties. The company, which was founded in 1963 and acquired by its parent company Marquee Brands in 2015, sees brand real estate development as a future-oriented growth area.


For this project, the British label is working together with the real estate branding company Brands Lab International. The aim is to open up gastropubs, hotel boutiques, lounges, hairdressing salons, scooter cafés, student lounges and also furnished apartments with brand names throughout the world.


Brands Lab was asked to target several suitable world cities for the project, which could be launched as early as fall 2021. Sustainability and responsibly sourced materials will play a key role in the construction and furnishing of the project.

Talbot Logan, SVP of brand management at Ben Sherman, says, “The notion of turning traditional commercial enterprise on its head to create a broader sphere of environments for our audience feels like a natural progression. As a brand that has close ties with youth culture for decades, where they live, socialize, dine, watch a movie or a live gig, it is equally as significant as where they choose to shop. Our vision is to translate the shared rite of passage into socially-distanced eclectic spaces where our audience can feel at home in any city around the world as we come out of the pandemic, whether it be a Ben Sherman pub or barbershop lounge. They'll enjoy an aesthetic and ambiance steeped in the brand's heritage, with a modernized twist.”