The Danish Bestseller Group (Only, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones etc.) is moving into a new office building in Aarhus, clubbing together a number of the Group’s brand offices and showrooms that have been based in minor locations in the greater Aarhus surroundings.

On an area of 21,500 sqm, the new Bestseller building will house several corporate functions along with office facilities and showrooms for the Vero Moda, Pieces and Y.A.S. brands. Officially opening on June 29, 800 employees will be working from the new office, while Bestseller’s main headquarter will remain in the Brande with more than 1,500 local employees.

The new office facility is part of the major modernization of the Aarhus Docklands, transforming the old harbor into a modern waterfront neighborhood with apartments, business and educational institutions. 
It will consist of six connected buildings (one for the corporate functions, four for the brands and one for reception, canteen, auditorium and meeting facilities) with green garden terraces and patios in between and on top.