Stuttgart-based fashion and lifestyle house Breuninger has announced plans to open a store in Düsseldorf’s city center by fall of 2013. The ‘Kö-Bogen’ at Schadowplatz with its special architecture of New York star architect, Daniel Libeskind, will serve as location for a new department store concept on a retail space of 15,000sqm. Willem G. van Agtmael, Managing Partner of the Breuninger group, commented: “Breuninger perfectly fits in the architecture of Daniel Libeskind – the type of use and architecture are forming a symbiosis on an international level. But also as a nationwide employer we will be very attractive, because through our expansion to Düsseldorf, we will establish several hundred jobs.”

Düsseldorf-based project developers ‘die developer’ were able to get Daniel Libeskind involved in the draft on the areal of the 9,000sqm property that measures a total floor area of up to 40,000sqm. The building will enrich and extend the highly frequented Königsallee with large flagship stores, unique store concepts and restaurants.