By the evening of Sunday, July 18, it was astoundingly clear that the three-day Bread & Butter GmbH had hit the spot with its “Berlingold” edition, the seventh “Bread & Butter – trades how for selected brands” since the exhibition began in July 2001.

With around 650 brands exhibiting and some 29,000 tickets sold (7,000 more than at the January show), making a total of around 40,000 visitors (of which 34,000 were trade), the show was more international than ever. Around 94% of the visitors were from Europe with 20,196 from Germany, 4,574 from Italy, 2,667 from Benelux, 1,594 from Spain, 1,151 from Scandinavia as well as a reasonable attendance from Turkey, Switzerland, France, Austria and Greece. A growing number of visitors were from Eastern Europe (824 trade visitors) as well as from Russia, the USA, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, and Canada.

For Karl-Heinz Müller, managing director of Bread & Butter, the show provided evidence that the brand portfolio is becoming more and more interesting for trade and retail. The show expanded its Men’s and Superior sections and contributed to a festive mood with large, high-profile fashion shows.
One of the highlights was the Street Couture Area in the former Siemens Kabelwerk, which, with a clever layout, drew visitors’ attention to the mostly small, new brands from around the world. Many brands in this area confirmed receiving a large amount of orders.

“We are happy about the response we’ve received from the exhibitors, the press and visitors. However, we won’t sit back and be content with what we’ve achieved. We will continue to activelypursue and expand the concept of the ‘Bread & Butter – tradeshow for selected brands,’” said Karl-Heinz Müller. Muller explained that the “Milk & Honey” exhibition, dedicated to modern women’s wear, will join Bread & Butter in January 2005 in a separate hall. “The response from trade and the industry has been overwhelming and confirms our decision to hold both events at the same time and at the same location,” said Muller.