The three-day Bread and Butter Berlin show , which ran July 14-16, drew 20,000 visitors, or 5,000 fewer than its summer 2005 edition. The figures in detail confirmed Bread and Butter Berlin is – and will remain – a platform especially for the German market. The majority of its attendees came from Germany (61.54%), followed by Benelux (7.41%) and Italy (7.01%). There were also a small percentage of visitors from the UK/Ireland (4%), Scandinavia (3.29%), Eastern Europe (3%), Austria and Switzerland (2.84%), Spain and Portugal (2.24%), France (2.2%) and the USA and Canada (2.09%).

The show’s organizer, Karl-Heinz Müller, announced at a press conference that he plans to sharpen the profile of the fair in the future and return to its roots and core business. As part of this change, the segments Urban Fashion and Milk and Honey in Pirelli Hall will be discontinued and the space will be used for a Playground section where brands can hold fashion shows and other special events. “More and more brands are looking for extraordinary ways of presentation. Fashion shows, special performances, exhibitions etc. become more and more interesting for them,” said Müller. “With Playground we offer a forum that answers these needs and requirements.”

In addition, future editions of the show will be more selective in choosing exhibitors. “We will choose the brands for next Bread and Butter Berlin and we will start to talk to the relevant brands, labels and designers at a very early stage”, said Müller.

— Melanie Gropler