Schwitzke & Partner announces Markus Schwitzke as new Managing Director. Schwitzke - managing director of branding agency Schwitzke - is now new member of the Board. At the sides of Richard Wörösch and Klaus Schwitzke he is responsible for strategic and operational management of the sister companies. Important issues such as the networking of offline and online, and a holistic storytelling at the POS should be strengthened through Schwitzke in the future.

The graduate communications designer started working for the company of his uncles Karl and Klaus Schwitzke a decade ago, where his first stop was in the competition department, gaining extensive retail expertise. After one year, he opted for a new perspective. He moved to Dubai and established the local branch Schwitzke, led it over five years and supervised numerous projects in the Middle East and in India.

In 2010 he returned to Dusseldorf, where he launched Schwitzke Graphics.