Buying the perfect jeans? Not that easy! Too tight, too short, not the right treatment - everybody knows about the difficulties to find the perfect fitted jeans. To end these sometimes frustrating and tiresome shopping experiences was the idea of Swiss denim brand Selfnation, the online platform that offers perfectly measured jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland, made of high quality fabric sold at fair prices. Andreas Guggenbühl and his partner Michael Berli are the heads of Selfnation, who launched the company during their master degrees about two years ago. Currently the brand has around 3000 customers and a product range from skinny to flare, from high- to low-waist, available in black to light blue hues. Here, Andreas Guggenbühl discusses the concept and the future plans of his ‘baby’ Selfnation.

When did you found Selfnation and why?
The idea to found Selfnation took shape when I was shopping with friends and we realized how frustrating and tiresome it can be to shop jeans. That’s why we started to develop the perfect custom-made jeans together with our Berlin based design team. Until now we enlarged our team and started our expansion in Germany. We already have more than 3000 customers.

Please, tell us more about the concept of Selfnation!
For most of us, buying jeans is very time-consuming and arduous. We are solving that problem. On, our customers forward to us eight measures of their lower body, supported by a short video clip. After that, you can choose your favourite jeans style and color and see a world-unique 3D visualization of your body and your denim model. Produced in Germany and Switzerland, our jeans are custom-made and of high quality. Prices start from €179.

Selfnation sells jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland
Selfnation sells jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland

Why did you decide for direct sale and against cooperations with retailers?
First of all, we depend on the contact with our customers to develop our product. In addition, we want to fully control our value chain. Still, we do not exclude the possibility to collaborate with retailers – various companies already contacted us.

What are the three main benefits of direct sale?
Customer proximity, higher margins, faster product development. 

Are there any risks? Finally, the brand has to be promoted and you need to take care of your customers, too…
That’s right, we build up our own direct sale among our customers. Of course, this is also coupled with maintaining our customer service. As we only sell online, we can continuously optimize our market penetration by organizing advertising campaigns.

How do you promote Selfnation?
The main pillars of our promotion are customer recommendations, Social Media and SEA/O.

How many orders did you deliver since Selfnation’s founding 18 months ago?
Several thousand!

What’s your target group? Who are your customers?

Typically, our customers are between 25 and 40 years old, live in urban neighborhoods and attach importance to their appearance - however, only with reasonable efforts.

Selfnation sells jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland
Selfnation sells jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland

How many of your customers are new customers and how many regulars do you have?
About one third of our customers are regular customers.

How do you stay in touch with them?
We send personal e-mails during the order and production progress. We also inform our customers about our latest products and interesting blog content.

How many returns do you have?
Around ten percent.

The product comes along nicely packaged – but what if the customer realizes he did not measure his body correctly?
Of course, that’s something that can always happen. It’s normal and part of offering custom-made products. Firstly, our customers do have a money back option. Secondly, they can order a new product with adapted measurements for free and thirdly, they also have the possibility to consult a tailor of their choice – we will reimburse the costs. These three options are well received.

What are your most popular fits, washings and colors?
Our customers like slimfit-cuts combined with a midwaist-height. Dark blue and black are the most popular colors.

Are there any new cuts or products you will add?
From next year on, we will also offer cloth trousers such as Chinos and shorts.

Selfnation sells jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland
Selfnation sells jeans manufactured in Germany and Switzerland

Can you imagine adding non-denims and tops to your product range?

Yes, of course! The demand is very high. The simplicity of the customer’s experience is playing a big role here.

In your opinion, what’s special about Selfnation?
People want to look beautiful. Still, people have little time and want easy solutions. And these solutions should be sustainable.

Who are your competitors?
All denim manufacturers!