Adidas has announced that it sets up its first Speedfactory pilot at the Oechsler AG in Ansbach Germany. The Speedfactory is supposed to be the future of product manufacturing, because it enables the brand to produce sporting goods faster than ever. An automated fabrication allows a shift of the production to where the customers are located. Through intelligent robot technology quality products and customized shoe designs can be obtained.

Adidas plans on presenting the first 500 pairs of running shoes from the Speedfactory in the first half of 2016. The commercialization of this technology is supposed to start in the near future.

“Speedfactory combines the design and the production of sporting goods in one automated, decentralized and flexible manufacturing process. Thanks to this flexibility we will be even closer to our customers in the future and be able to produce right in our market areas,” says Herbert Hainer, chairman of the Adidas Group.