Adidas transforms the good old window shopping into an interactive digital window concept for a trendy and exceptionally easy shopping experience. With or without the help of smartphones, the customers can shop at Adidas Neo whenever and however they want. German Teenagers are going to be the first to test this six-week pilot project in the window of the Adidas Neo Label store in Nuremberg.

The new front window is like a perfectly functioning virtual store containing life-size products. The intuitive interface of the touch-screen enables the buyer to find their desired products in life size, and then directly transfer them from the Adidas Neo online store and to their smartphone. To do so, shoppers have to simply select an URL on their smartphone and type in a PIN digit. After that, users may change product descriptions, share items on social media channels or via e-mail and save merchandise to either buy it directly of later on.
In addition, the buyer can use a life-size digital model to present the range of Adidas Neo garments in a fun and exciting way.

This window shopping experience is a collaboration between Adidas and TBWA/ Helsinki and is now live in the Adidas Neo Store situated on Breite Gasse 46 in Nuremberg.