White, the woman’s show held in Milan, closed its doors successfully. The atmosphere pervading the show was optimistic and especially busy on the first two days of show. The event presented 450 exhibiting companies including 186 new entries. For the upcoming edition running February 2016 White Milan has announced to prolong its duration from the current three days to four.

Massimiliano Bizzi, founder White, commented: “We decided that White needs to take place on four days – as it was in its early times – because exhibitors massively asked us. Despite you heard that some exhibitors complained about a last quiet Monday, I heard that most had a third very busy day. In fact on Monday we reached our over 20,000 visitor quota. When the attendance is high exhibitors and visitors need more time for managing appointments.”

Then referring to when this ‘extension’ could take place Bizzi pointed out how other aspect needs to be considered carefully: “We don’t want to take this decision alone, because we are working within a group of events and a huge mechanism. Moreover, the last edition of Milan Fashion Week was extremely successful for attendance, international visitors and overall quality of the event. Therefore we need to reconsider carefully when White could happen. We first need to share ideas with Camera Moda and other events happening at the same time.”

Among interesting brands participating in the show there were Arcari, by young designer Virginia Bizzi who focused on pop prints, and Ultràchic, a colorful woman’s brand that also won the Russian Buyers Union Time Award 2015.

Debuting at White was Sapopa, the 100% made in Italy active glam brand. Various upcoming new premium denim brands participated in the show. Among them there were Disarmed and Don’t Cry Milan from Italy and Brockenbow from France. Ethnic-inspired are the newborn You Khanga, Italian accessories and apparel brand employing African fabrics, and Nimbu offering cotton and silk shirts and dresses made with Indian materials. Capsule Collection is a newborn line of clutch bags shaped like pills and medicines. Another new collaboration is Travel With Art between Mandarina Duck, the apparel brand Malloni and globetrotter-artist Hubertus von Hohenlohe, who together offer a line of trolleys, apparel and sneakers.