By this year’s November, 55DSL and Manhattan Portage will be launching Europa 55, a special limited edition messenger bag customized by Andrea Rosso, creative director at 55DSL. “I’m so enthusiastic about this collaboration,” commented Andrea Rosso. “For years I have been longing for starting such a partnership. All of us at 55DSL had heard about this brand. And in each of us, there’s a New Yorker!”

Su Hwei Lin, President Manhattan Portage, has shown the same enthusiasm: “We truly enjoyed collaborating with Andrea Rosso! He was totally involved in the project and brought great constructive ides since since the beginning of this project. This collaboration is a great opportunity for Manhattan Portage working side by side with this dynamic Italian brand that encourages creativity and – equally – its own customers’ and collaborators’ own expression.

The new bag is characterised by a black 55DSL logo and the black MP label showing New York’s distinctive skyline, vynyl edgings, a black vintage buckle, an inner red lining and a series of zipped inside multifunctional pockets.

There will be 1,000 pieces of the limited edition, (retailing for €99 each), available at 55DSL and Manhattan Portage stores as well as via selected multibrand specialised stores. For the detailed list, please visit or