On the occasion of the launch of Camper’s retail pop up project together with Vitra in Weil am Rhein
(see our story:
/news/p/9669), we met with CEO Miguel Fluxà to talk about the Spanish footwear brand’s development within the last decades and his ideas of romance. Interview by Sabine Kühnl

Congratulations, Mr. Fluxà! Camper celebrates its 40’s anniversary this year. How would you characterize the last years in some words?
Well, for Camper it was an exciting four decades since we grew from a local company to a global brand. There was a lot of movement, and of course in the last years the digital evolution marked the business significantly. But I think we face a decade of consolidation now, especially with regards to the digital world.

On the one hand Camper is known for a longer-lasting design approach when it comes to product or retail spots, on the other hand you act within the short-term thinking fashion industry. How do you unite both worlds?
It’s really tricky I have to say. But we manage to bring both worlds together. Take the Pelotas, our long selling model, for example – since 20 years it is part of our collections, but we keep on changing it with new colors or styles. The same goes for our stores or this retail space project we just developed with Vitra: it is a combination of a modern shopfitting including new digital technologies, but still brings in classical elements such as the organic forms or the use of lasting elements such as wooden shelves and the heavy hemp carpet that responds to deeper and basic understanding.

Camper started as a family business, and unlike many others, still is. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this construct?
When it comes to the disadvantages we might have some more pressure because we always have to keep the next generation in mind and overlook who might or can take over in the future. As for the advantages when you are family-owned you think and act more in the long run. You don’t make too many concessions to quality or design because you do not have to please investors or shareholders. I mean, of course, we are also ambitious and follow our goals, but we can do so with more freedom. Maybe we can be a bit more romantic than others.