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Number Two – A Life with Denim
Photo: Piero Turk
Number Two – A Life with Denim

Number Two – A Life with Denim

Expert denim insider and designer Piero Turk has recently published his second book “Number Two – A Life with Denim”, three years after the launch of his first one, “Details – a Life with Denim”.

This new hardcover publication presents a selection of photos shot by Turk and focuses on key pieces and details of his personal vintage denim collection. The book also highlights the designer’s own tastes, preferences and private life by showing patchworks of images taken during his worldwide travels, highlighting some of his major sources of inspiration, plus a few delicate cameo photos of his family, friends and himself.

“I wanted to show what my life is about,” he explains implying that his interests are broader than the denim world, even if it is still playing a major part.

Completing the book are pages with statements, sometimes provocative, on the widespread unfair jeans industry practices. “If you buy cheap jeans, what are you really expecting about the working conditions of those who did them?” is one of the quotes Turk wants his readers to start thinking about.

“Number Two – a Life with Denim” is sold through Etsy (price €50).


Mavi Anthology
Photo: Mavi
Mavi Anthology

Mavi publishes book for 25th anniversary

The “Mavi Anthology” provides an exclusive look behind the scenes of the denim brand’s history which started in Turkey in 1991.

Within the first five years of its existence, Mavi had become the market leader in its home country under founder Sait Akarlılar. Now run by the second generation, it expanded to 35 countries over time even including North America.

The anniversary book celebrates the most important events in Mavi's 25 years of corporate history, many of them unpublished until now.

The book is sold through Mavi and selcted retailers.

Raw Bible
Photo: Melville Brand Design GmbH
Raw Bible

Raw Bible - 101 Raw Brands

For all those who have a passion for manufacturing tradition, authenticity, craftsmanship, selectively, fairly sourced materials and quality that is meant to last the new Raw Bible is a must Read. This book presents a carefully selected collection of 101 raw and crafted brands that are not available on every corner. It is accompanied by a digital store finder to help the reader on his own quest to the Raw.

101 brands in four chapters. Dressing is at the forefront of all other chapters. Ranging from affordable denim to the finest brands from Holland, Spain, the US and Japan. Matching accessories and watches. Outdoor brands and mobility brands are rounded up by interior brands. Three photo editorials round up the book along with five editorials on protagonists of the “raw scene”.

It is published by Melville Brand Design GmbH and available on the website and selected stores worldwide for the retail prize of 29,90 Euro.

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