Modern customers know exactly what they want as they are hardly guided by impulse, according to the sales team of the Slam Jam store in Mialn. This store, opened two months ago, is run by the same organization as the long-standing streetwear distribution institution Slam Jam of Ferrara, also managing their internationally well-respected streetwear and sneaker e-commerce platform and own multibrand homonym store in Ferrara, Italy. We spoke to the streetwear connoisseurs about their hottest brand, "living" streetculture and rendering in-depth information to their customers.

What are the current bestsellers of your store and why?

Among our bestselling brands there are especially Japanese ones such as, for instance, Visvim, Wtaps and Nbhd. They are doing pretty well as usual and even if also all others – including Alyx, Bianca Chandon, Craig Green, Fear of God, Ganryu and Undercover – are quite successful. This store also hosts a space hosting temporary stores. Right now we are selling OAMC, which is also working pretty fine. We also sell well footwear by Eytys and Suicoke. These brands are highly appreciated because they are charcaterised by great energy and impressive products.

Do people buy according to their favorite brand, style, or impulse?

Most of our customers come in with clear ideas in mind about what they are looking for. It's quite rare to see them buying on impulse.

Slam Jam store in Milan.
Photo: Slam Jam
Slam Jam store in Milan.

Where do you order from? How do you inform yourself about trends?

Discovering new trends and being always updated is most important.  We keep up to date searching through websites and magazines. Travelling and visiting always new places is very important for us, too. What is most important for us is to really "live" this culture, being involved in new trends in order to deeply understand our customers’ taste and interests, and earn their trust.

How important is the communication with regular customers? How do you communicate with them?

Communication is a strong driving factor, especially for our most loyal customers. We try to be kind and forward them as much information as possible about new products. Moreover, we communicate with them via social networks, e-mail and via phone. Our goal is more focused on spreading this culture rather than simply selling clothes.

How do the collections you offer for next s/s look like? And what are the most important trends, in general?

We always make sure our brands are well represented with iconic pieces. For s/s 2017 we feel that sneakers will start stepping back, while more classic footwear will become relevant. Also apparel will keep on being contaminated with streetwear, outdoor and workwear attitude, but also simultaneously by many other factors.

Slam Jam store in Milan.
Photo: Slam Jam
Slam Jam store in Milan.

Did you add any new labels to your assortment?

Our store has opened very recently moving from our previous location in the Navigli area in Via Pasquale Paoli, to this more central one. While our old store will only host temporary special projects, this shop in Via Lanza is our new main retail space for Milan. When changing to this new location we redefined what brands we wanted to keep and which other we wanted to drop, therefore we are not considering to add or change our offer at present.

How does your store differ from other stores?

Atmosphere, brand selection and attention to details.

What do you like about your customers?

What we really like is being able to discuss with our clients about the brands we offer in our store and the culture linked to each of them.

Slam Jam store in Milan.
Photo: Slam Jam
Slam Jam store in Milan.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package?

They make up the most of it! This new store is characterised by great design, new materials and very cool atmosphere our sales team can create, plus, of course, our selection of brands. It's the mix of all these that make the difference.

Slam Jam
Via Lanza 1
20121 Milano