It’s the little things and also the big things that can make you happy and that you can discover at Sabine Falkenberg’s store Falkenberg in Munich. From little chocolate bars, fragrances and fashion to furniture from Danish brands. Stepping into Falkenberg is like going on a treasure hunt.

What’s the story behind your store?

Falkenberg concept store opened in October 2011 and has been performing very well. At the beginning of this year I could increase the store space by integrating an art nouveau apartment, which was directly connected to my store space. This is kind of an Aha-experience for my customers because you don’t expect such a space when you see the store from the outside. In my store, I present new collections as well as innovative fabric and textile designs. We work very close together with galleries. I have the possibility to choose artworks from them and showcase them in my store.

My work at Falkenberg is like a treasure hunt. It is all about filtering out the right things from the variety of products and collections and to merge them into a harmonic sensible whole. There is so much to discover off the design mainstream. The PK80 daybed from Poul Kjaerholm, the poet couch from Finn Juhl, fashion from Odeeh, the 'Clara' by Nymphenburg – this beauty, sustainability, tradition and craftsmanship needs a framework and these products need to be carefully curated. Customers should have the chance to develop a joy of discovering visually and haptically. It is about a kind of slow shopping.

Inside view of Falkenberg
Photo: Falkenberg
Inside view of Falkenberg

How would you describe your assortment and what makes it special?

Furniture, fashion, home accessories, fragrances, books and many more things that especially suite as gifts. I am open for everything where I see a beauty in, things or products that are sustainable and that are well-manufactured. Customers can find furniture and lightings that are normally only sold in classical furniture stores for example Flexform, Finn Juhl, Louis Poulsen, Fritz Hansen, Carl Hansen & Son, Flos, Zanotta or Thonet. In addition, we offer high quality fashion from brands like Paul Smith, Odeeh or Baum und Pferdgarten. Furniture and fashion are standing equally side by side. The product line is complemented by niche products and exciting newcomers. Some collections like Danish designer Finn Juhl we carry exclusively in South Germany.

Which brands are your bestsellers right now?

Furniture from Finn Juhl.

Which new brands did you add to your assortment?

Flexform and Samantha Sung.

Where do your order your products?

I go to showrooms in Paris and Milan and of course to tradeshows in New York, London and Paris.

Which trends & looks do you think will dominate in f/w 2017?

Velvet in pastel shades will be a hot topic in fashion as well as for furniture.

How often do you redecorate the store, how important is the interior?

At least once every month. It is a pleasure for me to arrange everything in a new way and style it differently. The store has three wonderful big shop windows it therefore makes sense to use this platform.

What is special about the Munich fashion customer?

The Munich customer appreciates tradition but is open for new things and is looking for the special something at Falkenberg.

Books, home accessories and many more things can be discovered at Falkenberg
Photo: Falkenberg
Books, home accessories and many more things can be discovered at Falkenberg

How do you interact with your community?

We have events twice a year which our customers really enjoy. It is kind of a get together and there is always a certain topic or common theme that I come up with. I try to write a newsletter every month and we are active on Instagram.

What have been the biggest challenges in leading the store so far?

The interaction of the off- and online business.

Which person – celebrity or not – would you love to welcome in the store one day?

My late grandmother. She never got to experience the store. She was the person that inspired me to be liberal-minded, brave, creative, tolerant, dutiful loyal and strike a new path.

Store contact:
Franz-Joseph-Straße 21
80801 München

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