Our this week's Retailer of Week is Susanne Müller, owner of store Lieblingsteil in Aichach, Germany. Here she talks about her passion for fashion, her store concept and bestsellers and best denim brands. Interview by Maria Hunstig

Why have you opened your shop? Tell us the story behind it!

I come from a business family – my mother has operated a successful fashion business for 20 years and I wanted to open my own business with stylish labels and individuality. I was offered a shop in an A1 location – of which I could not refuse. For me it was clear, it was to be now or never. A top location, super distribution and at 260m², the perfect size for my project. I chose to include men and women in my range with a division of 70% women and 30% men. For me it is not a job – but a passion!

What is the most important ingredient for successful retailers?
Customer Loyalty – to be personalized, unique and different. Always being up to date with the latest trends of the international fairs will allow your business to grow.

Which are the current bestsellers? (Labels aswell as styles) What is your personal favourite brand?
My Best Sellers: Khujo Coats, oversize shirts from 5Preview, print shirts for example from Don’t Believe the Hype or Monsieur Steve. Also very popular are print trousers (in particular, Snake Print) by Rich & Royal. My personal favorite label: hard to say! I stand behind all my labels and wear them in private very happily.

How important is the denim segment for your business?
Denims are very important for me – with our strongest denim brands being Diesel and Pepe Jeans.

When it comes to denim, what sizes / shapes / washes / colors are currently most popular?
The washed-out, ripped jeans seem to currently be the most popular, along with jogger/sweat jeans by Diesel being a huge hit, but still the classic skinny continues to remain up there with the trends.
Our fashionable bestseller denim is the in Snake Print Jeans by Rich & Royal.

What new brands you have recently taken on in your range of products?
Dont belive the hype.

Are customers looking for specific brands and pieces or are items being bought more spontaneously?
My customers are both brand specialists, but also those who specifically come to us and seek advice without looking at the tags. Most importantly they are looking for top style and want to leave the store with the wow effect.

Where do you buy your products from? What inspires you?
I take my inspiration from the international fairs with my business - such as Bread & Butter - where I also order some of my merchandise - otherwise in company showrooms in Munich.

Which trends can we expect for 2013?
NEON NEON NEON! Silk trousers that look like jogging pants and prints are also very popular.

How do you keep in contact with your regular customers?
I inform my customers about the newest collections mostly via Email and Facebook.

What makes your shop stand out more than other shops?
We are individual – unique and different!

What do you like about the city/ your positioning and the clientele?
Aichach is a small town where everyone knows everyone else and I think that is so lovely. You build a very different customer loyalty, compared to in the big cities. A close relationship with my clients is very important to me. The Aichach people are all very open and also very fashionable.

What is the usual buying behaviour pattern – classic or something special?
One as much as the other – in which something special prevails! Everyone has the basic piles in their closet – now it’s the covetousness and that "I MUST have it" feeling that counts. When customers have this sensation, the retailers have won and that we can only provoke with the specialties. The classics are bought as before - everyone needs black trousers in the closet - but we have a black trousers with some details, which triggers customers’ desire to buy the classics, as well as something a bit different - and that is our goal.

Do you have an online shop? Are you active in the social media channels?
No I don’t have an online shop – but I am Facebook active!

Is there a kind of model store for you? Any shop (worldwide) who inspires yo
My role models are my parents – who have also enabled me to dive into the world of fashion - where I still stand today. But a top shop for me is ‘Stierblut’ in Munich.