Yards Store, opened in 2015 in Manchester, was born from a desire to provide a platform for independent premium menswear. The store's assortment caters for the many styles and occasions the modern man needs to dress for. What has started as a vision to provide the men of North West England with a destination for globally sourced, carefully curated menswear has been recently completed with an online store. Here, co-owner Kyle Gorman gives more insight into the concept, the chances of e-commerce and the impact of the Brexit.

Menswear destination
Photo: Yards Store
Menswear destination

Why did you open your store? What’s your personal background? Tells us the story and your motivation!

We opened Yards Store as we wanted to build a new fashion store from the ground up, it has been our aim to build a successful business based around brands we grew up with and brands we love to wear. After completing our degree in Manchester studying fashion buying we worked in the industry for a few years, gaining valuable experience then we got straight onto the idea of creating starting our own store.


What is important for you in terms of shop fitting and store design?

We wanted to create a minimal store design that showcases the product to its best. We take a lot of influence from Scandinavian fashion and culture that we have implemented into our store.

What are the anchor Brands of your assortment? Which brands have you recently added to the assortment?

We are now two seasons in and our staple brands are: Haeckels, Stighlorgan, Libertine-Libertine and Wood Wood. We are excited to add to our brand roster for next season, Schott, Portuguese Flannel, Lee Jeans and Rascals.

Index Archive 01 collection


Wood Wood relaunches archive favorites in dedicated ‘Index’ collection

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What are five products you couldn’t live without right now?

Le Coq Sportif have certainly been one brand that we have loved to stock, it adds a different complex to our store and offers the customer more variety. Edwin jeans are always a superb seller, they are a brilliant price and the quality can’t be beat. The Rains classic jackets have also been a fantastic staple piece both to male and female customers. The Stighorgan Reilly backpack is one of our favourite pieces since we began, its such a versatile product that lasts and lasts and you can never have enough colours.

What are the current bestsellers?

The Wood Wood Kael jacket has been one of our best sellers so far this season, it is a piece that you can transition from winter to summer and looks good with any outfit. The Rains backpack is an incredible seller for us with customers always coming in saying how they have been complimented on their bag. Garment Project lace ups have been brilliant throughout as well as its such a clean, minimal design and such a good price for a real leather shoe.


And what are the most promising newcomers this year?

Libertine-Libertine have come out this season with some really bold and floral short sleeve 70s inspired shirts that are going to be perfect for high summer.


Insight of the store
Photo: Yards Store
Insight of the store

How important are fairs for you in terms of business, networking and inspiration?

We regularly attend shows throughout Europe trying to discover new and upcoming brand that suit our customer and store, it is also always really important for us to catch up with agents all in one place, the atmosphere at trade shows is always great and we look forward to meeting new people and brands.


Did your store’s sales increase or decrease over last year? To what do you attribute your gain or loss in sales?

A/W 16 was a massive success for us and that in turn enabled us to expand our stock list and introduce a new selection of amazing brands for the up and coming season including GH Bass, Portuguese Flannel and Le Coq Sportif.


How important is E-Commerce for you? A chance, a challenge or a problem?

A HUGE CHANCE!! It was clear from the start that in this day and age its a must for us to create a strong online presence. The challenge we found was finding creating a site that fitted with the store and kept our minimal look. Once this issue was sorted and we found our web designer we got straight to work on yardsstore.com and believe we have created something that is not only beautiful but also extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.


What makes your store different and in what ways does your store excel beyond your competition?

We believe our store differs from our competition as we have quite a varied brand mix that appeals to a wide audience, we pride ourselves on our brand selection, bringing a unique mix of new and unknown brands and some staple brands we have loved and grown up with.


Photo: Yards store

How do you stay in touch with the wants and needs of your customers?

We are always looking for ways to improve our store and always take on board customers comments and feedback. We like to believe that our customers have a very similar taste to what we like so when we are buying at fairs or showrooms we are thinking about what we would love to wear and our customers. Currently we are available via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course via e-mail and phone.


What do you like about your hood and your customers?

We love our neighbourhood! We have a great location and good client base, customers vary from ages 14 to 60, we seem to be able to have all generations in store and be able to find something for everyone. This customer base is always growing and we have new faces every week which we love.


A look back: Is there something you regret or anything you would do differently today?

We are always looking forward to the future and how we can improve our business, if you are looking backwards it is only to learn from what you have done in the past and not to have regrets.


What is the biggest challenge for retailing right now?

For us the biggest challenges are establishing ourselves and being able to compete with the big players of this industry, this is something that will come with time and as we grow our customer base and awareness.


In what why will the Brexit affect your daily business?

With everything being so unclear with what will actually happen regarding Brexit, no one, including us have a full understanding of how its going to effect us directly. We guess we have to expect the unexpected.


Contact details:
Yards Store
19 Church St,
Macclesfield SK11 6LB, UK

E-mail: contact@yardsstore.com
Phone : +44 7498 920250 

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