“We discover new emerging brands and confirm must-have ones. There is a perfect alchemy between what we buy and what customers purchase,” explains Chiara Parigi, co-owner of Stay, a streetwear store in Civitanova Marche, and also CEO of Fashion Market, the company behind the Barleycorn footwear brand she co-owns with her husband Giusi Fornari. The store, which they opened in 2013, sells up-and-coming and established brands including Carhartt, Stüssy, Wood Wood, You Must Create, Fila and Asics, but not Barleycorn. “Our customers are our real richness as we share skills, passions and attitudes with them–this creates a real bond between us and them,” she adds underlining a distinguishing character of a store that is becoming a reference point for the streetwear market.


Store inside
Photo: Stay
Store inside

What are the current bestsellers of your store and why?

Stay is a special container that has the strength to confirm must-haves of the season but also to help growing emerging phenomena or “vintage” products thanks to its own strength as influencer.

In this season three brands were our bestsellers: Adno offers one single shoe model inspired by the world of surf; it is made with flyknit material, it is very comfortable and has a very cool silhouette. It is successful among 12-year-old kids and over-50 ladies and its price is great. While others are discovering it now we have already been selling it for the last three seasons.

Gcds has just boomed all over Italy thanks to their image and the investment they did in social media.

Stüssy is an iconic brand that has met success from the 1990s and continues surprise us all.


Do people buy according to their favorite brand, style or impulse?

They mostly want to have the brand of the moment and the products that Stay selects for them. There is a perfect alchemy between what we buy and what they purchase.

At the moment we only sell off-line as a strategic choice of the store. We are very keen about the relationship we establish with our customers by “living” the purchasing experience with them and guaranteeing one-to-one care and dedication. Selling is the result of sharing passion and tastes.

Our strength is our direct and daily contact with customers both inside and outside of the store. Therefore, despite the strength of our bestsellers, consumers are encouraged into buying by the experience they live in the store in finding what they are looking for.


Dedicated to streetwear
Photo: Stay
Dedicated to streetwear

From where do you order? How do you inform yourself about trends?

We dedicate much time in finding new moods and trends. It is a daily research that originates from various sources–be them trade shows, research travels, magazines, blogs, season’s previews, but also constant attention for emerging phenomena thanks to our team’s strong sensitivity and competence.

Clients are a source of inspiration and contamination for us–as we are for them. Our key words are “passion,” “attention” and “staying connected.”


How important is the communication with regular customers? How do you communicate with them?
In present days as we are all "connected" with each other and information is contaminating daily life, personal relationships are indispensable for establishing true communication. For this reason we try our best to build an exclusive tie with every single client by making him or her feel special and a fundamental part of the store.

We also communicate something new every day–be it a product, a trend, an event...anything can create expectation of something that will happen, although we remain focused on street style, constant research and some exclusive product.

Store carries brand such as Carhartt, Stüssy, Wood Wood, You Must Create, Fila and Asics
Photo: Stay
Store carries brand such as Carhartt, Stüssy, Wood Wood, You Must Create, Fila and Asics

What do the collections you offer for next fall/winter look like? And what are the most important trends, in general?

For next f/w season heritage brands like Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Robe di Kappa will recall great attention though also sportswear and streetwear will continue to be very cool.

We are also considering to start offering our private label Stay to be included as part of our present multibrand assortment as an answer to a growing request from our clients. Many of them would like to own some product branded as Stay–it is a proof that what we have been doing until now to simply build a “container,” is also gradually becoming some kind of “content.”

Did you add any new labels to your assortment?
We are trying always to offer new ideas to our customers–from established brands to emerging designers. For the upcoming fall/winter we will include Roldskov, Matteo Lamandini and Edwin, though we are constantly searching and finding new products, and we often start selling them within the season.


How does your store differ from other stores?

Our store’s name expresses its own philosophy. Stay stands for “Stay cool,” “Stay with us,” “Stay tuned”...
Our Stay store is a reference point for the local retail panorama. It is a container for brands that also recalls emerging brands that helps them become recognized icons thanks to a magic alchemy we can establish between staff, product, target and atmosphere.

Stay has become a “destination,” a place where the young–but not only them–love to go and share experiences, get to know new trends, find must-haves of the season, but especially feel part of a group and of a true community with a great sense of belonging.

Brands, products, events, stories, staff, friends and clients are experiencing a kind of osmosis through which everything is constantly contaminating reciprocally. It is a “Stay world”! 


Inside the store
Photo: Stay
Inside the store

What do you like about your customers?
We like to define our clients as our friends to whom we can offer expertise and research but also ideas and opinions. The real richness of Stay are people, almost like a family that grows and consolidates itself every day.

We share skills, passions and attitudes with our clients–this creates the chemistry between us and them.

Our clients are up-to-date, careful, connected and passionate for music. They also like to travel and have a passion for street style. They live our store as a world any of them feels part of. It’s a place whose lifestyle they love and share.

Every product, event or message originates from the client.

The research and selection of brands and the variety of products are always aimed at satisfying the client. We also sometime buy products keeping in mind what specific client will buy that exact product.

We like to define our clients “co-makers,” that is people we share something with–be it an experience, a purchase, a post, an event, a selfie, a gossip or a smile.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package?
Stay is for doing together, spending time together and contaminate each other reciprocally...this counts for our relationship with our client but also toward our internal team.

Our store’s team is part of us–as the store is part of us. There are roles that obviously belong to each one’s single tasks, positions, competences and aims, though the true essence of our team is to be part of a family “living” the store together. Our shopkeepers Tomas and Andrea are like kids to us. We love them and want to help growing professionally and want to share experiences with them.

They are buyers, have a passion for trends, are always connected with the street world, but are also always updated on new emerging phenomena–also because they are always connected both off-line and on-line. They are cool hunters and influencers who find out and amplify phenomena and both local and international trends.

Thanks to this unique essence and store philosophy that both team and clients love, Stay is a pride we all dedicate lots of love and commitment to as we aim to consolidate and grow many new great experiences.


Corso Umberto I, 123
I-62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
+39 0733 818266

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