Jeans by Kaltenbach is a true denim institution. The Kaltenbachs started their retail business back in 1953, selling stockings and workwear. Later on, denim was added to the assortment – and soon became the bestseller. Jeans by Kaltenbach’s 800 sqm main house in Munich’s Herzogspitalstraße has been serving denim enthusiasts since 1971. In October 2012, a second 350 sqm store was added in the city’s popular Sendlinger Straße. This offers a slighty younger, more trendy assortment – but the same exceptionally qualified service and denim-know how that Jeans by Kaltenbach is known and loved for. Interview by Maria Hunstig

Jeans by Kaltenbach's main store in Herzogspitalstraße 4
Jeans by Kaltenbach's main store in Herzogspitalstraße 4

Why did you open up your store in the first place? Tell us the story behind!
Jeans by Kaltenbach does have a long tradition and great know-how when it comes to denim. Once started as a small store for stockings and workwear back in 1953, the brand developed into a multi-level jeans store in the following years. The first pair of denim was sold here in 1955.

The newer store in Sendlinger Straße
The newer store in Sendlinger Straße
Which is the most important ingredient for successful retail?
To recognize shifts and changes in the consumers’ behavior and react accordingly. And to carefully address consumers’ needs.

Which are your current denim bestsellers (brands and styles)?
In the store in Herzogspitalstraße, brands like Diesel, Replay and Levi’s are bestsellers with skinny and straight styles in used and rinsed washings.
In the Sendlinger Straße store, Please and G-Star are highly demanded and boyfriend and skinny styles sell the best, used and destroyed finishes are important.

How important is the denim segment for your store?
HUGELY important in both stores. We are denim specialists.

Which new brands did you add to your assortment most recently?
We have recently added Sexy Women, Chilli, Absolut Joy and Imperial to our brand assortment at Sendlinger Straße.

Account for the Jeans by Kaltenbach assortment: Jana Kuhn (l.) and Bea Varga
Account for the Jeans by Kaltenbach assortment: Jana Kuhn (l.) and Bea Varga
Do customers look for special brands and styles or do they rather shop spontaneously?
I think in our first store in the Herzogspitalstraße, customers are quite keen to buy specific brands whereas in the Sendlinger Straße, our customers shop more spontaneously.

Where do you order your merchandise? What inspires you, where do you inform yourself about trends?
We make our orders in the showrooms and inform ourselves mainly at trade shows and in trade magazines.

Which trends can we expect for summer 2014?
Denim will be strong in Spring/Summer 2014. Denim styles will be more bleached and washed again and may even show some destroyed effects.

How do you stay in contact with your regular customers?
Via customer mailings.

Light atmosphere at the younger Jeans by Kaltenbach store
Light atmosphere at the younger Jeans by Kaltenbach store

What does your store have that others don’t?
A super large selection of cuts, washings and sizes. And high-class advice by denim specialists.

Do you have an online shop? Are you making use of social media?
Yes, we run an online shop and a Facebook page.

Store addresses:
Jeans by Kaltenbach
Herzogspitalstraße 4 / Sendlinger Straße 45
80331 Munich