Stocked with well-known premium denim brands that range from Citizens of Humanity and J Brand to Fidelity and Hudson, Denim Saloon is must-visit for jeans fans in Omaha, Nebraska. Operated by sisters Jenny Galley and Sarah Troia since they opened the business in August 2010, the 1,800-sq.-foot (167-sq.-meter) shop carries more than 100 different jeans styles for women and men, along with complementary apparel. Here, Galley discusses the store’s selection, how she and her sister keep in touch with customers and why they are not necessarily feeling the overalls revival. Interview by Christopher Blomquist

What is the background and history of Denim Saloon?
After hitting crossroads in our careers my sister and I decided to follow a dream to open a clothing store. Our company was built on providing the men and women of Omaha high quality denim in different brands, fits, styles and washes for every different body. We were confident that with an expansive selection of denim and personalized customer service we could provide an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. Customers can walk in, pull up a stool and “order” the denim they want; we work with them to find the perfect pair. We also offer a variety of apparel and accessories to complete your look.

What are your current bestsellers brandwise and itemwise?
Denim is by far our best selling item, that is what we are known for and that is what brings most people in the door. For women our top selling denim brands are Henry & Belle and Paige Denim. For men our top selling brands include Baldwin, Joe’s Jeans and J Brand.

Who are your "typical" customers?
I wouldn’t say we necessarily have a “typical” customer. Jeans are one of the most timeless pieces in your wardrobe and we sell to men and women ages 15 to 93 (actually the oldest customer we have had!).

What is the fashion and retail scene like in Omaha?
Omaha has a great fashion and retail scene. Omaha is very supportive of small, locally owned businesses and there are several successful boutiques. People in Omaha don’t necessarily follow trends but follow their own personal style. You’ll see a little bit of every style around here in Omaha.

Denim Saloon aims to offer a mix in both in price point and style to their clients
Denim Saloon aims to offer a mix in both in price point and style to their clients

How do you find and select the brands and items you carry?
We strive to curate a mix of items for the store, both in price point and style. We look for up-and-coming brands that are equal in quality and style. We find great pride in bringing in brands that manufacturer in the USA. We will often check out brands that customers suggest and when we travel we always are shopping around looking for new brands.

How do you keep in touch with customers?
Social media allows us to interact with our customers on a daily basis. We utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also send out e-mail blasts monthly to those who sign up.

How important is your online business compared to the brick-and-mortar store?
We are currently working to grow our online sales. The majority of our sales come from our brick-and-mortar store. Our online store is an area of opportunity for us; we continue to invest time and energy into growing it.

Denim Saloon from the outside
Denim Saloon from the outside
What denim trends are you loving right now? And which ones do you not like?
We are really into boyfriend and slouchy jeans this season. We love them paired with a great pair of booties and a slouchy tucked-in blouse. We are still not quite sure about the revival of overalls. I’ll blame the fact that we live in Nebraska and we hung onto that trend a little too long last time it came around!

What is the breakdown of your women's business vs. men's?
40% of our business is men’s and 60% is women’s.

What is the biggest challenge of being an independent multibrand retailer today?
Staying competitive in a market with large department stores and online retailers that often markdown.

Menswear at Denim Saloon
Menswear at Denim Saloon
What do you enjoy most about owning a store?
We enjoy working with our customers and building relationships with them. Our customers often ask for our opinion and listen to us when we suggest things out of their comfort zone. We personally pick every item so seeing someone fall in love with something you picked is rewarding.

What are some "golden rules" every retailer needs to follow?
Be true to your style and don’t buy into trends just because they are a trend.

Denim Saloon
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