Denim and jeanswear are selling well according to Giambattista Ventura, buyer of Italian multibrand chain, DeN Store. Lightweight products, slim fits and skinny denims are hot right now as are used and slightly destroyed jeans.

“Men aged between 20 and 35 years represent the core of our clientele, although also women like to shop here. DeN Store is an Italian multibrand chain of 47 stores - mostly located in Northern Italy - and strongly focused on jeanswear - denim actually makes up 45% of our business. The group closed 2010 registering a €38 million turnover (+9% compared to 2009) and is presently registering a plus of about 10% for 2011 and expects to continue opening about five to seven new stores per year.

At present, the brands that are selling best for men are G-star, Meltin'Pot, Diesel and Guess. Referring specifically to women's Guess, Fornarina and Diesel are most successful. For jeans in particular, the true bestsellers are Meltin'Pot for men and Fornarina for women.

The fits we are selling best are slim fits for men, while for women both slim fits and skinny jeans are working well. Lightweight products are most popular - especially 11 oz for women. In general, used look products, not super-aged but with some small breaks, are mostly requested by both men and women. 

Our clients are looking for easy and lightweight pieces right now. That means that women buy more dresses and lightweight jeans and five-pockets, and men mostly look for short-sleeved checked shirts and lightweight denims.

In terms of hues what we are selling best are white and beige items, in addition, of course, to indigo denim. Men opt for white, grey and most different blue shades. Great interest is also given to printed items highlighted by fluorescent hues.

If I have to pick a bestselling accessory product, I can say that lightweight scarves remain our clients' most favorite complement - both for women and men, even if generally both men and women buy much denim, especially five-pockets, and t-shirts.

On the contrary, what is not selling at all right now, are outer jackets, bomber jackets and cotton-knitted tops."