Berlin still has relaxed niche fairs: Selvedge Run is the best example for a small yet professionally run trade show. Already in its third season the conceptual event located at Kulturbrauerei sticks to its young roots and features "quality menswear and crafted goods". About 80 brands (which is almost double the number compared to the premiere) from all around the world lay an eye one apparel, footwear and accessories for denim aficionados and lovers of hand-crafted goods. SI sat down with Shane Brandenburg from Selvedge Run for a chat. Read here what he said about the show's unique concept and his future plans.

You and your team just finished the third edition of menswear trade show Selvedge Run. What's on the plate for January 2017?

We expect to grow again, but not in an exaggerated way. This season we hosted about 80 brands, next season it will be somewhat over 100 brands. Our location at Kulturbrauerei stills offers space for more exhibitors. Specifically the Sartorial Area will become bigger to give room to tailoring brands. But we also want to intensify the service and marketing options for our exhibitors, for example by giving them advice what retailers to invite or how to present their look books. It’s about giving them the opportunity to tell more about their brand and its story.

It's not the easiest time out there, neither for brands nor for trade shows. What makes you trust in Selvedge Run's concept?
Because the heritage segment is the one with the biggest growth and offers the highest potential. We don't run this trade show just for fun, we take this very serious and our goal is to be profitable. Up until now there is no trade show such as Selvedge Run anywhere in Europe. We offer this unique concept, and at the same time a great working atmosphere.

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Selvedge Run: Silence is golden

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But isn't it tempting to allow access to a wider range of brands, or, in other words, how do you make sure you stick always to the true Selvedge Run spirit?
Every application or new entry of a brand is discussed within the managing team, and the managing team as a whole takes the decision. If one team member gives his veto towards a brand, we will not accept it. That alone makes sure that we do not lose our identity. Apart from the nominal growth we also think about spreading the segments and showing more than only clothes and accessories. Our subtitle doesn't run "Tradeshow for quality menswear and crafted goods" for nothing–our portfolio could even reach out to furniture, food and beverages, etc., all kinds of products that fulfill the idea of Selvedge Run.