Everlast, the sportswear brand founded in New York in 1910 and now owned by UK Global Licensing IBML group, launched the capsule collection Everlast T.E.N. (The Everlast Nation) at the January 2019 edition of Pitti Uomo.


The limited edition collection aims to interpret the boxing lifestyle according to a modern streetwear mood as part of a new relaunch of the brand. It offers about 40 pieces including iconic boxing-inspired items such as T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, triacetate basketball-inspired pieces and post-training nylon items.

Edoardo Bastagli, general manager, A.Moda SpA
Photo: Everlast
Edoardo Bastagli, general manager, A.Moda SpA


Edoardo Bastagli, general manager, A.Moda SpA, the exclusive licensing partner for Everlast in Italy for more than 30 years, explained some of the reasons behind this launch.


What are the aims of the Everlast T.E.N. launch?
We aim at consolidating this brand by going back to its origins, while rediscovering the history of a brand that has been fascinating different generations throughout its 110 years of history. We simply want to continue recalling our present and future customers’ attention. 

Where will it be sold and through which channels?

It will be sold through Europe’s main markets such as Italy, the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. As our strategy is to operate very exclusively, Everlast T.E.N. will be sold through a few selected retailers to establish a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with them.

What characteristics differentiate Everlast T.E.N. from Everlast?

A greater care for materials, for production techniques and details that aim at attracting a clientele who can remain loyal through the years. Our over 300-gram sweatshirt becomes always more beautiful with the passing of time.

Will this project be repeated?

We want to evaluate its performance for this first season, though our aim is to start a long-term project in order to offer different capsules all year long.

How is Everlast performing today?

Everlast continues to be a leader in the sports apparel segment. As Everlast is a public company its balance sheet results are public and count for about US$2 billion yearly.