Rosey Cortazzi is new on board at denim mill Isko as global marketing director. In her new position she leads the brand’s marketing and business development division, based in offices in different parts of the world. Prior to her new role, Cortazzi has held positions at Levi’s, Nike, O’Neill and Diesel. 

Here she shares her private side…

What do you want to change at your new position/new employer?

My focus is to advance Isko's premium position within the industry and to build and sustain strong and trusted partnerships with both brands and retailers. 

If not your current job, what would you do in another life?

Perhaps I would be a farmer, farming indigo or tea. Or a craftsman, weaving, dying, and making pots.

Where do you prefer to buy - apart from the brand?

I like vintage. Going round flea markets like the Rose Bowl, Chatuchak market in Bangkok, and Temple Markets in Japan. There are also some amazing vintage shops near where I live on the north Kent coast of the UK.

How would you describe your clothing style?

Eclectic – I have many different sources of inspiration depending on my mood for the day.

Quite spontaneously: What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?

A denim dress from Kapital.

What was your first pair of jeans?

It was a pair of Levi's 501s that mum bought in a discount warehouse in Westbourne Grove London. I was delighted with them.

What was your worst fashion sin ever?

In the '80s I was a bit of a goth with black clothes and black make-up...

Which part or product is at the top of your wish list?

I am always seeking a more perfect pair of jeans with that perfect fit and perfect wash. Today it would be a high rise cropped straight leg - the jean that exudes an effortless sense of style.

Who is your favorite designer?

It is hard to say as there are so many that inspire me for different reasons. It is more or less impossible to pick just one.

Alexander McQueen as he totally changed fashion;

Vivienne Westwood for being an inspirational woman and true British eccentric;

Alexander Wang for the clean and sporty look;

Acne for my everyday go-to style;

R13 for that perfect rock'n'roll look;

Comme des Garçons as an iconic Japanese brand that continues to remain cool;

Current/Elliott for doing great vintage denim and American style brilliantly;

Céline for perfect minimalistic design;

Isabel Marant for effortless French style;

Vetements for their playful pieces and their crazy proportions;

the Antwerp Six for being avantgarde, especially Walter Van Beirendonck who was in it for the creativity and not the money;

Tom Ford for just being brilliant.

I am sure there are many more that I love that I just missed...

What don't you like about the fashion industry?

I have travelled extensively in Asia and it's hard not to see the impact that the mass market fashion industry has on the environment.

Are you more like...

... Rolex or Apple Watch?  

It would have to be a very old Rolex.

... newspaper or news app? 

News app.

.... sneakers or high heels/brown shoes? 

Sneakers – I worked at Nike for seven years and my love for sneakers never fades.

... New York or Nice?

Sorry Nice, but New York wins.

… Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers on a guy.

.... Online shop or brick-and-mortar?

Hard to say...I like both the ease of online shopping and the experience of going to an amazing shop.

... country house or penthouse?

Country house.

... clean or destroyed?


... raw or washed?


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