Seafolly Australia has a new CEO: The Austrian Paul Kotrba took over the management of the Australian Swimwear label in January. Paul Kotrba spent 15 years in New York as Global Retail Executive for Donna Karan and DKNY. 

Here, he shares his private side...

What do you want to change at your new position?

We have a great team, brand, and business. The next step for us is to grow our key international markets: Europe, US, and Asia.


If not your current job, what would you do in another life?

I am very excited about my new opportunity and challenge, to be part of such an iconic Australian brand. If it weren’t for my career in fashion...I would love to be an explorer, travel journalist or an entrepreneur.  

Where do you prefer to buy ?

I like to mix it up and build an eclectic wardrobe, the best way to do that is to pick up interesting and unique treasures whilst I am traveling.

How would you describe your clothing style?

Relaxed contemporary. 


Quite spontaneously: What is the favourite item of clothing that you own?

My collection of swim trunks, ready for the Sydney beaches!


What was your first pair of jeans?

Levis 501

What was your worst fashion sin ever?

A brown corduroy suit, great for Austria where I’m from, not so much for NYC. 

What part of it did you last separate from?

All of it, long time ago. 

Which part or product is at the top of your wish list?

A pair of R.M.Williams boots, the best footwear you can get in Australia. 

Who is your favourite designer?

Helmut Lang, I’m slightly biased given his Austrian roots and being a NY based brand. 

What don't you like about the fashion industry?

What’s not to like? 

Are you more like...

Rolex or Apple Watch?


... newspaper or news app?

News App

.... sneakers or brown shoes?


... New York or Nice?

New York

… Boxers or Briefs?


.... Online shop or brick-and-mortar?


... country house or penthouse?

Both, penthouse during the week, country house for the weekend

... clean or destroyed?


... raw or washed?

Washed preferably


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