Julie Driscoll is the new managing director of Pure London. Previous to her new position she served as show’s portfolio director. In addition to her new job, she continues to lead Jewellery & Watch, the UK’s dedicated jewellery trade event. 

Here, she shares her private side.


What do you want to change at your new position? 

Pure London is an incredibly strong event. The changes that I shall implement will be around enhancing and reorienting the brand rather than reinventing it. For 2018 we have a strong campaign #wearelondon which positions us as owning the London fashion space. Seventy percent of the brands at Pure London are international; this is a reflection of London and of my team. London is eclectic, diverse, culturally rich and curious. My commute takes me on a walk through Hyde Park daily. It’s an inspiration to see a phantasmagoria of nations and fashions. This is how I would like everyone to feel when they visit or exhibit the show. Excited and inspired. My mission as Pure London MD is the brand’s mission. Pure London is here to influence the future and celebrate individuality everywhere. We use passion, curiosity and research to empower you to bring fashion to life.


If not your current job, what would you do in another life? 

I would be Barack Obama. He is a politician with integrity. I studied at an American University for a year when I was younger. I came back thinking there would never be a black President. Obama triumphed against adversity, is eloquent, incredibly well educated and authentic.


Where do you prefer to buy–apart from the brand?

Clearly I have a preference for buying Pure London brands. What I wear is an expression of who I am; so I take my shopping very seriously. There are a number of boutiques in the UK whom I frequent, mixed with some vintage pieces that I have had from family members. Whenever I go away I will visit street markets and boutiques. I was in Buenos Aires this year and spent a wonderful afternoon visiting the most colorful street market. I picked up some gorgeous leather accessories there and a beautiful ring. The designer makers were an inspiration and I took a selfie with them all. My husband is Danish so I also spend a fair amount of time in Danish boutiques.


How would you describe your clothing style? 

Quirky timeless elegance. 


Quite spontaneously: What is the favorite item of clothing that you own?

I adore my black cashmere winter coat. I can roll it into a ball in my suitcase and it pops out looking brand new.


What was your first pair of jeans? 

Levi's vintage bought during the Edinburgh festival from Armstrongs Vintage. The store is a jewel and as a teenager I fell in love. My faded Levi’s were oversized, vintage and ripped. I adored them and wore them with Doc Martens and skinny black crop tops.


What was your worst fashion sin ever?

A long time ago… A black patent leather skirt and matching jacket. I thought I looked cool; I looked hideous. The outfit was probably worn twice before it was re-homed.


Which part or product is at the top of your wish list? 

Ok, if you are buying me a present then I will have a classic black Chanel handbag in black, please.


Who is your favorite designer? 

This is a Sophie’s Choice question. I couldn’t possibly choose from all of the wonderful brands at Pure London. Stella McCartney is my fashion crush, but in all honesty my budget doesn’t stretch to her beautiful collections; the Pure London brands keep my wardrobe looking pretty enviable.


What don't you like about the fashion industry? 

It’s quite fragmented. I think we need to wrap our arms around new designers and drive more collaborations.


Are you more like…


... Rolex or Apple Watch?


... newspaper or news app?

News app.

.... sneakers or high heels/brown shoes?

Mmmmmm… I wear sneakers and heels daily.

... New York or Nice?

New York.

… boxers or briefs?


... online shop or brick-and-mortar?


... country house or penthouse?

Country house.

... clean or destroyed?


... raw or washed?


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