In the context of preparing our brand new Fit Issue, we spoke to countless industry insiders. One of the authorities in this field clearly is Wrangler. The denim brand was founded in 1947 and is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. We talked to Rino Castiglione, president, Wrangler EMEA, about the celebration and the importance of the perfect fit to push the female denim business.

Wrangler has started celebrating its 70th anniversary. What is the core message of this jubilee?

We went through our past history and found elements from the ’70s that now marked a great success for us. We think that those years, – while being very hot in fashion right now– also convey a very positive and optimistic feel. They express a young, provocative, colorful and sexy mood that is still so cool. We thought that bringing back to mind values such as peace and serenity that everyone is still longing for – together with our ’70s logo, redesigned pieces from those years and special imagery and graphics as designed by Peter Max - was the best way to celebrate such a recurrence.


Your most recent collections and the celebratory capsule collections are offering many products that exalt femininity. How important are women in the brand’s future strategy?

Women are extremely important for our future growth. Our aim is to become leaders in this segment again. We aim to make women’s sales count for 30% of our total sales by 2017, or 2018 maximum.


How can you achieve such goals?

We have started already offering some important product program in the last few seasons by launching our Wrangler Body Bespoke technology. Thanks to it, we can create jeans that fit perfectly any size’s variant. We can offer such products thanks to our long time expertise and know-how of the jeans market.

Most specifically for the woman’s market our target is to succeed in transferring femininity in every single product as everyone wants to look more beautiful today. For this, we will continue establishing a strong link between product, fit and our history.

Read a profile about Wrangler and its 70th anniversary celebrations in our brand new magazine issue #279 here.  

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