The upcoming edition of Texworld, to be held in Paris, September 18th - 21st this year, will see the debut of Texworld Denim.

Around 60 global manufacturers specializing in denim will be there displaying their wares. Michael Scherpe, president of Messe Frankfurt France, explains why you shouldn’t miss this event.


Texworlddenim announcement

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Texworld launches own denim segment

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Why are you launching Texworld Denim?

Denim has always been part of Texworld. In past seasons, we hosted some jeans and denim manufacturers, but all scattered. As the denim market has a growing significance for all fashion brands and it has its own ways of doing things we decided to concentrate our Paris show on this one sector.


Many shows focusing on denim already exist in the market. Why do you think the world needs another denim show?

Texworld and Apparel Sourcing Paris have always had denim and jeans manufacturers in our past editions. Furthermore, we are conscious that Paris has a lot to offer in denim these days. We know that there are other denim-focused fairs happening in Europe and in the world, and in our past fairs we’ve observed a large audience visiting our shows’ denim sections. In order to improve their experience, we decided to merge exhibitors from our Texworld denim segment, mostly offering fabrics, with those from our Apparel Sourcing pavilion, specializing in garment manufacturing. In order to help visitors find denim specialists faster, we obviously had to name it Texworld Denim.


Are companies participating in Texworld Denim doing so exclusively or also exhibiting in other denim trade shows?

Some exhibitors are also participating in other fairs though most companies we host are only taking part in our show.

[Editor’s note: Texworld Denim hosts a total of 60 exhibitors out of whom 47 are from China, six from Pakistan, three from India, one from Bangladesh and one from Canada.]

Do you aim to become the new "Denim PV"?

Absolutely not! I think that we are quite well placed in this market to stand tall on our own.

Do you also aim to exhibit premium jeans brands?

The premium denim market is edgy and very niche-focused. We prefer to consider each market in its entirety. We are open to welcoming insiders from all markets and will welcome different exhibitors and visitors that take interest in our fairs.

What events did you organize to draw attention from denim insiders?

The new section will host a “Social Village”, an area presenting our own trend forum and including an area for conferences where industry insiders will have the opportunity to discuss the hottest topics. We will also hold a catwalk show presenting the best products from our own exhibitors.

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