At the eve of Munich Fabric Start and BlueZone, which will run September 5-7, 2017, Sebastian Klinder, managing director, explains why this edition is a not-to-be-missed appointment for the industry. A newborn show on sourcing, seminars exploring the most modern production systems and seasonless denim trend areas are some of the attractions worth seeing. More roundtables on denim and sustainability such as “Green Industry Down to Earth Reality” and an influencers’ engagement entitled The Denim Regulars’ Table Stammtischare a must for every jeanswear and denim specialist.

The Denim Regulars' Table Stammtisch
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The Denim Regulars' Table Stammtisch

What changes will MFS present for this season?

Our trade fair formats are constantly developing by responding to the changes of the market.

Throughout this year we have refocused our offer of trade shows aimed to be individually tailored and synergy-based trade fair formats.

Munich Fabric Start, for instance, has grown to become one of the world’s biggest trade fairs for fabrics and accessories. For this edition, we will launch a new trade show, Munich Apparel Source, which will run parallel to Munich Fabric Start at the MTC Munich, an adjacent fair venue in close vicinity to the MOC Munich where MFS and Bluezone take place. This new show will present about 200 manufacturing firms offering their whole range of products, process solutions and services for manufacturing and sourcing.

Within this new show, on September 5, we will also hold a very interesting conference, “Patterns X.0-Digitalization of the Value Added Chain,” focused on the future of the fashion industry. We will involve top-notch speakers from global industry players, including Amazon, Asos and Abercrombie & Fitch, to be moderated by Holger Knapp, managing director, DFV Group. Through this additional initiative we want to provide a strategic outlook on global market developments and megatrends for the industry as we will speak about digital verticalization, mass customization, 3D printing and similar other forward-thinking topics.


What novelties will we see at the Bluezone?

This show, one of most important international denim events, will also present some important changes. For this edition–together with our Keyhouse area–it will prolong its duration of an additional day (shifting from two to three days). Both shows aim to be aligned with Munich Fabric Start–held at the nearby exhibiting area MOC–with the aim to meet our visitors’ high demand to prolong their stay in Munich.

Also new is our “The Infinite” denim trend area to be held at the Bluezone. We have created it as we want to explore the evolution of denim beyond seasons. The denim market is always more multifaceted and offers an always greater abundance of creativity that cannot be strictly enclosed within rigid seasons’ borders only. We rather think that seasons are increasingly overlapping, may sometime dissolve, mix or are even be skipped and leave ground for long term predictions that focus more on consumer groups’ needs rather than on seasonal forecasts. This new area will present eight different consumer types–identified with eight different magazines–each one focused on their own specific tastes and attitudes.

Also new will be our Denim Club area, located on the first floor in Bluezone hall #7, that will host talks dedicated to denim innovation and trend talks, but also workshops led by experts.

Just located near the Bluezone, another novelty debuting for this season will be “MicroFactory” to be held at Keyhouse. This section of the show will present a live performance of Industry 4.0 demonstrating digitally connected production–from design to finished products. 


How are the denim and sportswear markets developing?

Denim and sportswear are undergoing a clear change influenced by technology and science. They are pushing a new identity oriented towards performance and function. This change can open up new possibilities and perspectives for denim and sportswear and to generate fresh impulses.

In contrast to this, former lifestyle trends such as athleisure are losing ground.


How do you support exhibitors in rising to the current market challenges?

We act as reliable partners providing solutions that help exhibitors and visitors to do successful business. For this we have created optimum–and in some segments unique–conditions in terms of logistics, location, atmosphere and service in our shows. We are permanently networking with suppliers, buyers, product managers and designers. We listen to them and then take decisions. We are operating in a fast-moving industry where slight changes can lead to great shifts.


Does your organization continue consulting other shows? What are your next projects and initiatives?

Yes, we continue. The collaboration with Premium Group for the Premium Order Munich still continues and we do maintain open and strong relations with other trade shows, like, for instance, with Selvedge Run. Open communication and trustful collaborations are absolutely key in this industry. As mentioned before, our crucial current projects include our brand new trade show Munich Apparel Source and the prolongation of the Bluezone and Keyhouse from two to three days.

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