Within the April 18-19, 2018 Kingpins Amsterdam edition Candiani Denim will mark its 80th anniversary by launching an eco-friendly celebrative denim, The Anniversary Fabric, and a limited edition denim capsule collection born from a collaboration with Maurizio Donadi’s upcycling apparel consulting studio Atelier & Repairs. The capsule will debut on April 18 during a show afterparty held at the Tenue De Nimes boutique in the heart of Amsterdam shopping district. Alberto Candiani, general manager, Candiani Denim, explains the reasons and details of this celebration’s projects.

Why did you choose to celebrate this anniversary under the sign of sustainability?

After 80 years of producing denim excellence in the natural oasis of Ticino Park, we don’t simply want to maintain but also improve on our untouchable aesthetic, high-end performance and responsible manufacturing. We want to continue to earn our name “The Greenest Mill in the Blue World” because at Candiani Denim, sustainability is not a choice but a way of life. 

We are finally aiming to reach fully biodegradable and even compostable fabrics, residual-free during the industrial process, zero landfill once at the end of their lifecycle.
As denim is made to last as long as possible, we are not compromising its strength or performances. We simply make sure that once a pair of jeans made with Candiani Denim is finally "done" you can trash it or recycled it.

Thus we are launching our Anniversary Fabric, Re-Gen, and our first sustainable denim apparel collection developed in collaboration with Maurizio Donadi’s Atelier & Repairs.

Candiani Denim
Photo: Candiani
Candiani Denim

What are this Anniversary Fabric’s characteristics?

Re-Gen Denim is our most sustainable denim. It is a selvedge fabric, a result of 80 years of denim heritage and ten-year commitment combining ethics and aesthetics together.

It is composed of 50% Refibra and 50% recycled fibers. Refibra is a sustainable cellulosic fiber similar to Tencel made with recycled materials. The other 50% of the yarns is made with post-industrial recycled cotton entirely collected in house and respun locally. The result is that all yarns of these denims are made out of regenerated materials instead of using fresh cotton. In addition, this fabric is dyed using a combination of our Kitotex and Indigo Juice Technologies.

Kitotex is derived from Chitosan, a naturally occurring polymer obtained by recycling the exoskeleton of shrimp. We use that for its dyeing and finishing process.

Indigo Juice is a Made in Candiani technology that keeps the indigo very superficial on the yarn during the dyeing process and makes this fabric perfect for an easy fade, vintage look jean.

Both technologies allow us to achieve an unprecedented reduction of water, chemicals and energy in both the fabric production and jean washing process.

Candiani Denim
Photo: Candiani
Candiani Denim

What are the main characteristics of this capsule collection?

Candiani Denim and Maurizio Donadi, an expert denim insider and founder of the Atelier & Repairs consulting studio, focused on sustainable practices and regenerated fashion. We and Donadi liked the idea to use our 100% regenerated fabric Re-Gen Denim to create a limited-edition series of 12 garments inspired by an evolved and contemporary workwear. This series of pieces, presented in Los Angeles at the Candiani Denim Development Center in March, will be exclusively sold by Tenue de Nimes in Amsterdam, one of the most relevant stores for denim culture worldwide. On April 18, at a Kingpins afterparty held at the Tenue de Nimes boutique, the first exclusive sale of the 80th anniversary collection will take place. 

Will this be a one-shot project?

We will see. We will evaluate its commercial potential in a second moment.

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