… and it's important to us to always stay true to our roots”, commented Cape Capener, Supra President. And that's it what the brand did: In occasion of its 10th birthday the brand launches a limited edition Skytop Series from The Muska himself to celebrate the Decade X. Here, Capener talked about ins and outs and the next thing to come. 


Decade X Skytop III
Photo: Supra
Decade X Skytop III

Supra has its 10th this year. A reason to celebrate?

It’s an incredible milestone for the Supra brand and our first of many more decades to come. As we plan next year, it’s even more exciting to see where we are moving as a brand and building across all segments of our business.


You released several limited editions during 2016. How do these refer to the brand’s history? 

With the Supra Skytop being a franchise for the brand and spanning almost the 10 years since we started with Chad Muska, it was only natural to introduce a limited edition Skytop Series from The Muska himself to celebrate our Decade X.


What are the most important trends for men/women in AW17? 

The consumer is searching for a combination of lifestyle, athletic and core brand authenticity in their footwear and the market is responding to trends that speak to them directly.


What is THE male/female style icon for AW17?  

A$AP Rocky. He’s a perfect mix of streetwear and high fashion within the music industry and a disruptive figure within all three lanes.


What style will totally be outdated for men/women in AW17? 

Velcro straps or men in “mandals”. 


Supra sneakers
Photo: Supra
Supra sneakers

What are Supra’s strongest styles and the bread & butter products? 

Skytop 001 and Vaider are classics and the Skytop V, coming out early 2017, will be epic!


How can a brand reinvent itself season by season, staying true to its core? 

Continue to be what you are known for with your communication, product designs and outreach. For us it’s making a bold, aggressive and disruptive statement in design while supporting our skateboarding lifestyle heritage.


What are the main challenges in designing and selling sneakers today?

There’s a wide sneaker competition for fashion brands and every day is a “hot flavor of the month” shoe dropping into skate culture. SUPRA is born from skate and it's important to us to always stay true to our roots.


And how does Supra react to these challenges?

Stay authentic to our skate culture and build strong lifestyle products that reflect our heritage.


Decade X Skytop I
Photo: Supra
Decade X Skytop I

Where are footwear trends heading? What’s the next big thing?

Proliferation of multiple sneaker brands coming up and then falling down; it’s all cyclical and season to season for a lot of brands that do not have a true purpose and mission.


How important is sustainability for Supra?

It’s very important and we continue to explore ways of becoming better by partnering closely with our factories to make the planet a safer environment.


Where do you see Supra in 5 years?

Bigger, better and stronger. Supra in Latin means “Above and beyond” and we plan to take it there!