In 2011, Thomas Wirth joined Replay as new CEO for Germany. Most recently, Replay that celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2016, has appointed Wirth as new vice president business development. Learn more about the biggest challenges Replay is facing right now and the new business models in Europe the brand will focus on in the future.

Where does Replay see the biggest potential for growth – currently and in the future?

I am convinced that, with our current partners, we will have many possibilities for growth. We’re just at implementing personalized SIS-surfaces for our “lighthouse customers”. By that, we generate growth rates of 200% and more. It shows how important staff and the product presentation are.

The new introduction of product lines - just happening with the Replay City Line - creates new possibilities. Here we see a customer who looks for his style in the sportswear segment. For the beginning of FW17 we carried out the launch with selected customers and they received it with excitement. This shows which possibilities we have and that we need to think outside the box more often to find new paths and also to take risks from time to time.


Which projects are you currently working on?

We’re working on the Europe-wide implementation of the Replay City Line as well as the further development of the City Line’s product groups and their launches.


What are the biggest challenges for the Replay brand at the moment?

We certainly want to show a continuous development of our products and to introduce new developments in the denim segment. After laser Blast, Waterzero, Hyperflex, Hyperskin, Hyperfree, Touch and now finally also Broken Hyperflex, it is not even that easy.

We personally demand high standards of ourselves, but the customers also have some concerning the innovations in the denim segment… I am sure that the next big innovations will also come from Replay!


What are currently the biggest challenges in developing new business fields?

Time. Unfortunately, I can’t be everywhere at the same time and the day is unfortunately only 24 hours long. I have many ideas, but I first want to focus on the project City Line, afterwards we will take care of new projects. But it is important that we finish the job City Line from A to Z to reach maximum success.

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