Do you think that the advent of Donald Trump as president of the US might make the fashion market and especially your brands suffer?

You know, today there is Trump, tomorrow there will be another politician. I would not be so worried. Obviously like here in Italy we had Renzi and there might be Salvini or Di Maio. No idea.

Obviously, there will be differences but what counts is the team. I hope he will make them work at important projects for the US. You cannot do crazy projects. You are part of a system. In any case, you have to be careful how you move as commercial relationships with other countries have to work. I think that crazy ideas are most often stories that one tells people mostly with the aim to get votes.


What about your agreement with Milan AC soccer team as official style partner? I heard you were considering to buy the Milan team...

No, that’s not true. We already own our own soccer team – Bassano – as we play soccer with social aims. As many people work for us it gives us the opportunity to remain closer to people working with us and living in our same area.

We signed the agreement to design, produce and sell Milan off-field uniforms as a marketing operation for Diesel. I was a Milan fan since I was a child, my whole family has always been a fan of this team and we are having big fun now. Thanks to this operation we have retrieved the “originary” Only The Brave Spirit of Diesel. Plus this is giving us the opportunity to approach a very formal world where we want to offer informal fashion.


Is this agreement giving you the possibility to work with higher-end materials you normally don’t work with?

No, we are only styling partners as we don’t work with technical materials they wear when playing in the field. We are happy we design and produce very cool pieces for these tall, statue-like and handsome men, who have so many followers in their social network’s pages. This gives us great visibility among many consumers.


How is Diesel Black Gold evolving?

This is a very good moment for us. Thanks to this line we can afford working and pursuing higher quality and creativity standards. Plus, we can offer more made in Italy pieces as this brand is involved in a higher-end context of top designer brands. We obviously have to design and offer collections that keep in mind the Diesel DNA and lifestyle, also DBG is a very high-fashion selection and it is our diamond head brand. Differently, working on Diesel has more limitations compared to DBG, where we can experiment with the funniest and craziest ideas. For instance, through DBG we get the opportunity to develop, for instance, some cool and modern silhouettes that can also be translated into our more commercial offer.


How are sales with DBG going?

Well. Always more stores are selling DBG and numbers are increasing. Clients that before just passed by, now also place orders. And most beautiful is this brand’s sell-out. When retailers see that DBG has a great sell-out, they return and place more orders. This is the most beautiful aspect right now.


What are the strongest markets where DBG is most successful?

China especially and Japan. It sells like crazy. And if you pass by our store here in San Babila Square, in Milan, you will see how well the brand is selling.