Pauly Bonomelli, a mixed media artist from Western Australia, has recently collaborated in the design of Italian urban jewelry brand Nove25’s newly opened Milan headquarters at Via Raffaello Sanzio 21. This team-up originates from his friendship with Mirko Sata, part of the major Italian tattoo-artist collective Satatttvision, which is involved in designing the special Ophis collection line for Nove25.

Bonomelli is an artist who spends time traveling worldwide and hiding himself while practicing and developing his own art. He purposely asked not to be pictured as he prefers to keep his work separate from his private life.

He is renowned for his vast working background in graffiti art but originally got his degree in advanced fashion and textile design. Throughout his 13-year career he has created many art pieces including sculptures, paintings and installations soaked with memories, quotations, and scribbled emotions.

He has also created single clothing items such as customized T-shirts, denim items with patchwork and leather jackets decorated with writing, designs and stencils for rappers and jet-set personalities including Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast and other musicians, who are passionate collectors of his works. He also created highly decorated costumes for many music videos and movies.

Here, Bonomelli answers some questions about his work and passions.


How and why did you start collaborating in creating the headquarters of Nove25?
I think was given the opportunity, as I understand, through my friend Mirko Sata as both he and the boss of Nove25 [Roberto Dibenedetto] liked what I do. Why? Because Mirko showed me his concepts of his project last year and I was interested in what he was doing.

What elements will characterize the headquarters’ decor?
Air, water, fire, earth, destruction and hope.

Is there a possibility that in the future you will also collaborate with Nove25 to create jewelry?
I don't know really, nothing has been discussed before.

Have you already collaborated with fashion or streetwear brands? When was it and with whom?

Collaborate and employed; the future is more exciting than the past.

Designs by Pauly Bonomelli
Photo: Pauly Bonomelli
Designs by Pauly Bonomelli

How did you start becoming an artist?
I have the attention span of a mouse.

How would you define your style?
Messy and honest.

How has it recently evolved?
Like a Pokemon.

How do you find inspiration for your work?
Living a life and remembering education and information before the Internet.

You have collaborated designing pieces for important rappers and singers. How do you proceed when working at such projects?
It depends upon the person. A couple of them have been very specific but most just let me do my thing.
Artworks by Pauly Bonomelli
Photo: Pauly Bonomelli
Artworks by Pauly Bonomelli

Which is the city you like best? Why?
Not a city in particular, but a place. Italy–it rules.

What are your most beloved men’s wardrobe items and why?
My old T-shirts. They have been reliable.

Are you a collector of specific apparel pieces, accessories or other collectibles?
Old T-shirts, memories and times spent good and bad.