Elias Rumelis is a longtime denim designer and well known in the fashion industry. In 2015 he founded his premium denim brand Elias Rumelis Denim in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. So we thought that it's about time for a recap: We sat down with the designer and talked about the brand’s development, future plans and his worst fashion sin.

Elias Rumelis Denim has been on the market for two years now, how has the brand developed so far?

The brand grows and grows. We are not only acquiring new customers, but expanding Elias Rumelis Denim now internationally. Since October, we have had a showroom on Broadway in New York and Carnaby Street in London, as we see a lot of potential especially in these countries. This year alone we were able to gain new customers in Germany like Abseits from Stuttgart, Sörens from Hannover, Pier 14 from the Baltic Sea and Stierblut from Munich. We still keep our policy that we do not want to spread our brand and products far and wide, but rather to generate demand for our products with a high customer level. For this reason, we refuse to cooperate with TV-known online shops to strengthen our customers at the POS.

Which three words best describe the brand?

Individual, stylish and confident.

How satisfied are you with the development of your brand?

We are very satisfied with the development, as we have been growing together with our customers from the very beginning and existing customers such as Bailly Diehl and Monsieur from Neu Isenburg, who have been with us from the very beginning, remain loyal to us and believe in the brand. What is most important to us, personally, is that there has not been a week since then that we have not seen any significant growth.

What makes your jeans different from other jeans?

The design of the denim, the exceptional washings and a perceptible dedication to each and every one of them. Trendy cuts from tight and tight-fitting to relaxed and casual. Highest quality materials and carefully selected fabrics guarantee maximum performance and durability. They are comfortable to wear and easily adapted to individual body contour.


Will Elias Rumelis Denim continue to focus on trousers or are tops planned for the future?

In the current collection there are tops for the first time, which are currently being delivered to our customers. The design is relaxed and casual, but with a unique attitude. Unusual materials and first-class workmanship characterize the new product group. We will present the full collection for the first time at the Premium fair in January 2018. We already know that the tops add a significant added value.

Are there any other wishes regarding the distribution?

For the time being, we are additionally concentrating on the UK and the US. Alexander Moreno-Stolz is in charge of these new, particularly important locations. This year he has already arranged the first appointments for the brand with a few top customers. The fashion industry is a highly competitive market and everyone wants to protect their market share. We say that it is inappropriate to compete with these brands, because they are much older, stronger and larger. But the goal is to develop in this direction, because our customers have exactly the same expectations of our product as of all other brands. This puts pressure on you to keep up. That's a nice motivation.

If not your current job, what would you do in another life?

I wouldn't do anything but fashion.

How would you describe your clothing style?

Casual and yet unique –with a lot of attention to detail–exceptional.

Quite spontaneously: What is the favorite item of clothing that you own?


What was your worst fashion sin ever?

High Buffalo shoes.

Which part or product is at the top of your wish list?

I am wishless happy.

Are you more like…

... Rolex or Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

... newspaper or news app?

News app.

... sneakers or high heels/brown shoes?


... New York or Nice?

New York.

… boxers or briefs?


.... online shop or brick-and-mortar?


... country house or penthouse?


... clean or destroyed?


... raw or washed?



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