You have started to feature a new lifestyle brand. Why is it Goodyear?

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has always developed and sold multiple product categories. Whether it is in conjunction with powerhouses such as Adidas, or with stand-alone Goodyear footwear & apparel program, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company have applied the same dynamic, results driven approach in developing what they call their lifestyle program. First the footwear and then other product categories including apparel and other fashion accessories.

 And of course: For more than 100 years, iconic tire brand Goodyear has applied many of the qualities and materials of its tires to the lifestyle products. The focus of the brand is safety, durability, reliability, power and performance and translate these values into relevant categories.


In which countries are the collections of Goodyear available and at what kind of retailers?

The Goodyear Lifestyle Program is widely available across USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Specifically on the apparel collection in Europe, the range is now available in Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain and Poland. We mostly sell to department stores and independent fashion boutiques. Goodyear has also signed respectable fashion collaborations such as with Pull & Bear and the most recent one with Lucky Brand, the US denim brand, selling the Goodyear range of vintage t-shirts in their own retail stores.


Why does a retailer need the collection of Goodyear? What is your USP and what makes Goodyear different to other lifestyle brands?

Goodyear as a lifestyle brand has emphasized its great appeal and heritage as an American icon that has existed since 1898. Its culture of dynamism, development and innovation endures today and finds expression in premium lifestyle collections for discerning consumers. These include an extensive range of quality clothing offering comfort juxtaposed with arresting contemporary design and style.

The strength of the brand lies indeed in the relationship of trust and excellence established over the years with consumers around the world and this is particularly significant in an era of uncertainty and overcrowding and recycling of brands such as that experienced in recent years. Re-use of graphics, logos and slogans of the past back to mind the memories of generations and revive those values that have marked epochs of prosperity, optimism and economic prosperity.  As a successful American brand, related to automotive industry, Goodyear brings back to life that enthusiasm brought by the introduction of car as a symbol of freedom, prosperity and personal achievement that have characterized the American way of life influencing many generations. Authenticity and quality are at the core of the Goodyear apparel proposition.