In occasion of the “Friend of the Brand” event by watch label Hublot in their Frankfurt store this weekend, Sportswear International got the chance to sit down with German rapper Sido and chat about his watch and sneaker enthusiasm, his love for sweatpants and what his mom has to say about it – and what he thinks about other rapper’s styles in the German rap game.

I don’t like the typical denim look – those blue cowboy jeans – that’s not my style.


You’re the first and only rapper who became “Friend of the Brand” of Hublot. How did that happen and how does it feel for you?

Tim Neumann (editor's note: store manager of Hublot Frankfurt) pulled a few strings to find out my number, then he called me and asked whether I could imagine being the “Friend of the Brand” because they’re innovative, have different ideas and want to be different and who else would fit better than me? Then we met, we all felt comfortable together and now I’m sitting here as the “Friend of the Brand”.

You got a new Hublot model today, but you surely already have some other models right?

That’s right, it’s the fourth in our household.

How do you style your outfit with the watch? Do you match your outfit to it?

Well, today the white shirt was important to me and maybe also the light tan under my tattoos is fitting to the rose gold of the watch. I think it looks great with the tattoos on my arm!

And which sneakers do you wear to your outfit?

Today I’m wearing a Nike Jordan 4 and I think it fits quite well. I mean, Jordans in general! The watch is also quite bold and manly and one couldn’t wear like a “cute” shoe to it, it also needs to be bold. So I would recommend a Jordan!

Do you reckon Hublot and sweatpants work together?

For sure! I mean, today we’re doing a photoshoot so I put on jeans – but also in a sweatpant color! And I only put them on because my mom could see the pictures and she always complains about my sweatpants.

Photo: Nikita Kulikov

So you aren’t a jeans fan at all?

I’m a sweatpants fan! And when one sees me wearing jeans it is always a grey one, or probably a black one. I don’t like the typical denim look – those blue cowboy jeans – that’s not my style.

Which clothing brands do you prefer?

Nike for shoes. I really like wearing Louis Vuitton. They have nice menswear. And overall I prefer plain, clean clothes with nothing on it, like black and white T-Shirts.

Do you shop on- or offline?

When it comes to a video shoot and I need, let’s say a bomber jacket, we (editor's note: him & his wife Charlotte Würdig) order each and every bomber jacket available on the internet so I don’t need to go outside for it. When I’m walking around the city of course I sometimes do some shopping – for example here in Frankfurt Goethestraße I shopped a few times – and I really enjoy that. But especially when I go shopping in Germany with my wife we don’t have any peace. That’s why we preferably do it abroad – extensively!

You used to run an own brand “Mama ist stolz” – why did you stop?

Because we worked together with a company who turned out as idiots – easy as that. But I still have it on my schedule, I really liked the brand and especially its name “Mama ist stolz”. I’m just looking for the right partner to start it over again. But I don’t want to rush it. If it happens, it happens.

But are you involved with fashion and the design of your brand then?

Definitely! I just need the right partner and time. Preferably quite a while of free time so I can fully focus on it, that’s important!

Is there any other rapper’s brand you like to wear?

Chabos! (editor's note: streetwear brand of German rapper Haftbefehl) I think that’s really cool! I have the “Brudiletten” – I think they’re a must-have! And I also have those French-style jogging suits and hoodies, they’re great. Haftbefehl also makes sure that they have a relaxed fit, because he also has those belly issues like I do sometimes – so it’s very wearable!

But you probably wouldn’t buy something from “Maskulin” the brand of German rapper Fler, right?

No, I wouldn’t! Considering that he’s always making fun of hipsters, to me he looks like a hipster himself with those ripped jeans, Bottega Veneta shoes and everything. That’s weird to me.