For our brand new GERMAN ISSUE, we hooked up with Spanish laser/technology company Jeanologia and asked five German personalities to send us their very own artworks to be lasered on a personal denim jacket, kindly provided by Levi's. One of them was Moses Pelham. He is one of the best-known Frankfurters and a primitive Rock of German hip-hop - the rapper and producer has been making waves since the early '90s. On his new album "Herz", he opens his warm heart a litte wider than usual. We shot Pelham in his self-creation and spoke to him about Frankfurt style, Oscar Wilde and not having a closet. 

What does fashion mean to you?

Oscar Wilde has allegedly said the following quote which I find pretty on point: “Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.”

Are Germans generally fashion-lazy and simply wear s.Oliver and functional clothing all the time? Or are there designers/brands/fashion trends from Germany that you find interesting?

I wear the same jeans, trainers and bomber jackets that I wore 30 years ago so I am afraid I might be the wrong contact person here.

Which other musicians do you think have great style?

I would once again like to refer to the Oscar Wilde quote here…

How would you describe your own style?

Frankfurt old school.

Sleeve lasering on Pelham's customized denim jacket (here in a darker blue version)
Photo: Evelyn Dragan
Sleeve lasering on Pelham's customized denim jacket (here in a darker blue version)

We (Sportswear International and you) are both based in Frankfurt. Is there a typical “Frankfurt style”?

Definitely old school–501s, Vans and bomber jacket.

Not only in music, also in fashion, inspiration and copies often sit side by side. What do you say about Zara, H&M and Co. offering exact catwalk copies for a fraction of their original price?

I say nothing.

Do you work with a stylist?

No–only for special videos when necessary.   

Through collaborations (such as the one with Kagaroos) you’ve been able to collect some design experience. Can you imagine launching your own fashion collection one day? What would it look like?

If I did such thing, everything would be very basic.

Which brands/designers are among your favorites?

Vans, Levi’s, Alpha, Kangol, Jost bags and MDLR.

Do you remember your first pair of jeans?

The first pair that I remember was by Outsider, the next one by Edwin.

What do you always keep in your pocket?

Cards, money and mobile.

What is the most expensive piece in your closet?

I don’t have a closet. I like to keep all my clothes on open, roll-able clothes rails–a condition that extremely annoys the lady who helps me in my housekeeping. But to answer your question: I guess a bespoke suit.

…and the cheapest?

That would be socks I guess.

What’s your absolute favorite piece of clothing?

A certain pair of 501s which just fits better than the others.

What would you never wear?


Do you prefer fashion shopping on- or offline?

Rather online, but I am very obviously not a big shopper.  

What are your favorite stores?

I don’t have one.

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...and now some “either or” questions:

Rolex or Apple Watch?
I don't wear a watch anymore, but if I had to: Rolex.

Supreme or Louis Vuitton?
That apparently isn't an “either or” anymore these days.

Adidas or Nike?

Sneakers or custom-made dress shoes?

Camping van or motorboat?
To be honest: Neither, but if I had to decide, then the motorboat.

Hamburg or Munich?
Really neither.

Bomber or blazer?

Jay-Z or Kanye?

Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian?

Robert Johnson [famed electronic music club near Frankfurt] or couch?
I like the Robert, but end up on the couch most of the time. 

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Our brand new German Issue hit news stands on October 20
Photo: Sportswear International #281
Our brand new German Issue hit news stands on October 20

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